Inorganic Pigments

DyStar is a leading supplier of inorganic pigments. Our inorganic dyes are used in animal feed, cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical products.

Aqueous Dispersions

Aqueous carbon black dispersions in a range of jettness, strength, resinated and non-resinated systems for a variety of coatings and graphic arts applications.


VERDIS dispersions are O-VOC, formaldehyde-free APE-free full palette dispersions. DyStar’s Verdis dispersions are O-VOC, formaldehyde-free APE-free offering the newest technology for environmentally-friendly in-plant dispersions. Full palette of Verdis dispersions is compatible with a wide range of resins, vehicles and additives. Verdis dispersions provide excellent batch-to-batch consistency and tinctoral strength. Verdis dispersions offer excellent in-package and freeze thaw stability and are resistant to bacterial growth. Learn more…


High strength aqueous pigment dispersions for in-plant tinting of industrial and architectural coatings. Sup-R-Conc L aqueous dispersions have high pigment concentrations and are designed to be easy to use, free flowing, viscosity stable pigment concentrates. They are tightly controlled for consistent color characteristics when added by weight. Learn more…

Black Shield™

Aqueous carbon black dispersions in a range of jettness, strength, resinated and non-resinated systems for a variety of coatings and graphic arts applications. Learn more…

Super Seatone®

Super Seatone dispersions offer maximum package stability, resistance to bacterial growth and most are freeze-thaw stable. Nearly all Super Seatone colors are glycol-free, easy to use, free-flowing and viscosity stable. Super Seatone series offer excellent color and strength consistency for in-plant tinting. Learn more…

Oil based Dispersions

Oil based carbon black dispersions designed for offset printing inks – heatset and sheetfed processes – provided in a variety of tint strengths, shade and performance properties.

ProductDescriptionCarbon Content
Black Shield™ Heatset 5C77H700594Blue shade medium finish special formulation for HS and coldset news.30%
Black Shield Heatset 5C77H705400Desirable printing properties, good gloss and an excellent value.50+%
Black Shield Heatset 5C77H709401High gloss heatset carbon black dispersion offering excellent gloss, jettness and densities as well as very fast setting properties.50%
Black Shield Heatset 5C77S706502High gloss, fast solvent release and good press stability.40%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77H705250A glossy, low VOC, quick-set black base.45%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S704907High gloss, fast solvent release with high solids and good press stability.40%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S704908High strength, very high solids, high gloss and strong oxidative drying.45%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S706400Multi-functional, dependable, high solids.40%
Black Shield Sheetfed 5C77S706504Energy curable, high gloss, ultra fast-setting, quick set black base.45%

Energy Curable Colors

Lucida Colors™ EC dispersions incorporate new and unique energy curable pigment dispersion technology and combines this with years of color development experience to produce our newest offerings to ink and coatings markets. We have created highly functional energy curable dispersions with high pigment solids and color strength making an extremely versatile and unique group of products. All Lucida Colors EC products are formulated with low odor considerations.
Lucida Colors EC dispersions offers full color palette of dispersions and Trans-oxides® for coatings applications and full color pallet for flexographic printing and a CMYK set for sheet fed printing applications.

Alkyd Dispersions

Our Formulator ”24A” colorants utilize long oil alkyd vehicle. These colorants are recommended for most solvent alkyd coatings, 2 component epoxies, oil modified urethane, nitrocellulose, polyester, cellulose and other solvent-based coatings.

Epoxy Dispersions

Auracote® plasticizer and epoxy dispersions are solvent free dispersions for alkyds, urethanes, epoxy, polyester and more. Auracote dispersions are ideal in applications such as floor and industrial coatings.

Specialty Carbon Black Dispersions

DyStar is a leading producer of regulated drug and cosmetic colorants. Our cosmetics dyes and pigments can be used in a number of drug, cosmetic and household products. Some of these products include lipsticks and other make-ups, medicines, vitamins, lotions and shampoos.

Black Shield® Plastisol Dispersion 5C60A701063Dispersion in DIDP, compatible with plastisol and PVC.
Black Shield Plastisol Dispersion 5C60A701075Carbon black dispersion in DINP, compatible with PVC, plastisol and many olefin systems.
Black Shield Plastisol Dispersion 5C60A701125Carbon black dispersion in a phthalate-free plasticizer, compatible with PVC, plastisol as well as many olefin systems.
Black Shield Sp. Black Dispersion 5C50A15273Black Shield high gloss polyamide solvent black dispersion.
Black Shield Sp. Black Dispersion 5C60A1919Black Shield carbon black in mineral oil dispersion.
Black Shield Sp. Black Dispersion 6C11B14525Black Shield Aqueous indirect food contact black dispersion.
Black Shield Sp. Black Dispersion 6C11B14644Black Shield Aqueous conductive black dispersion.
Black Shield Sp. Black Dispersion 6C11B4Black Shield Aqueous medium jet, low gloss black slurry tailored for construction applications.