DyStar Textile Services (DTS) is dedicated to supporting brands, retailers and their industry partners with fast and innovative global solutions.

We can identify 3 Common Failures

  1. Wrong color – color failures cost time and money
  2. Damage to Brand Integrity – potential damage to reputation and stock price
  3. Unhappy Customers – lose brand loyalty and tell their friend

DyStar has a unique approach to the textile supply chain. We not only work with brands and retailers at the design and specification stages of product development but also with the mills who process the fabrics that are required to meet the shade, fastness and ecological requirements of any given product line. So how can DyStar help?

What are the elements of the DyStar offer?

Color Solutions International (CSI) creates color inspiration, communication and realization tools for many or the best known apparel brands and retailers in the fashion and sportswear sectors. CSI products use dyes and chemical auxiliaries covered by DyStar econfidence commitment.

Texanlab provides reliable eco testing service to ensure compliance and resolve failures in your supply chain. Texanlab is a boutique laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation, in addition to having accreditation, to test on behalf of, leading brands and retailers in both apparel and home textiles.

econfidence from DyStar – ensures that for every product on the range there is an eco-specification in place to check for the most likely chemical contaminants which may be subject to legal or commercial prohibition or restriction. It is our commitment to keeping undesirable hazardous chemicals out of our customers’ supply chains.