Performance Chemicals

DyStar® Performance Chemicals serves multiple industry sectors, especially paints, coatings, paper/packaging, and water treatment. Our current portfolio for the paints and coatings industry includes Hilton Davis® pigment dispersions, Foam Blast® defoamers, Masil® functionalized silicones, and hydrophobic additives, along with a wide variety of Speciality Esters. Our R&D team is actively working on solutions to problems stemming from the low VOC regulatory requirements. We are flexible and willing to customize innovative solutions for our customers.
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DyStar is a leader in providing customers with the right foam control solution. With over three decades of experience in foam control technology and technical expertise in coatings, industrial and other applications, our technical service team can assist you with your defoamer choices. DyStar’s Foam Blast® and Antarol™ products provide the solutions to inhibit foam formation and knockdown foam that occurs during processing. Our foam control technology utilizes a broad range of chemistries to achieve the best performance at the best price.


Especially skilled at trans-oxide and carbon black dispersions, DyStar has a long history of producing pigment dispersions for the coatings industry. Our Hilton Davis® Formulator and Industrial alkyds have extensive use in stains and protective coatings. The Super Seatone® water-based formulas are popular for a wide range of stains and coatings. Black Shield® dispersions offer some of the finest grinds and gloss for inks and coatings. Other vehicles, such as UV resins, epoxies, and polyols, are also used to manufacture many other custom dispersions.

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DyStar provides a wide range of silicone-based products under the Masil® brand. The range includes basic fluids, emulsions, reactive fluids, and reactive emulsions. Our specialty silicones, known as “Masil® Ultra” impart properties such as enhanced wetting and leveling, anti-blocking and tack resistance, surface lubricity for slip and mar resistance, water resistance, dirt pickup resistance, and adhesion. We also custom manufacture sealers and admixtures for the construction industry.

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The Novaflex® product line of specialty esters can be used for a wide variety of applications. Manufactured at our Reidsville, NC site, these are primarily used as lubricants and plasticizers. The Phosphate Esters are versatile surfactants that help with emulsification and wetting while being low foaming and useful in alkaline formulations.