Celebrating 125 Years of Indigo Excellence

More than a century ago, Indigo was derived mainly from the Indigo plant. However, the complicated extraction process and the high market demand urged for an industrial synthesis of Indigo.
It was only until July 1897, the first Indigo Pure BASF was manufactured and brought into the market, after more than 17 years of research, innovation and huge investment. The industrial synthesis of Indigo established one of the most enduring success stories in the German Chemical Industry and DyStar continues this great heritage. Today, at the same production facilities where BASF first started in 1897, DyStar manufactures Indigo in these high-efficiency production plants.
Building on this great heritage of Indigo excellence, in 1998, after almost a century of synthetic Indigo powder application, DyStar set one of the most remarkable milestones in Indigo history by introducing the first pre-reduced Indigo to the market. DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% Solution — A technology that transforms Indigo into its soluble Leuco form, made the Indigo dyeing process more sustainable, efficient, stable, and much safer for the workers in the Denim Mills.
DyStar’s recent development for the Denim Industry “Cadira® Denim”, combines this pre-reduced Indigo with a new organic reducing agent. This technology represents the first salt-free Indigo dyeing process in history, by complete elimination of hydrosulphite in the application of Indigo.
As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of synthetic Indigo, DyStar introduced the 125 years of Indigo logo to mark the celebration of excellent innovation and breakthrough that synthetic indigo, together with DyStar, has achieved for the past 125 years. With the high level of recognition of its ties to the denim industry, denim texture is incorporated in the number ‘125’ to represent synthetic indigo. DyStar 6-Pie Star is placed above the letter ‘i’ in the word ‘INDIGO’ to symbolise DyStar as the leading supplier of synthetic indigo.
Stay tuned for more updates on commemorating the 125th anniversary of synthetic Indigo with DyStar! Click here to view the Press Release.

DyStar’s Denim Package

A complete, innovative and sustainable solution for denim.
DyStar, the innovation leader for the denim industry, offers a variety of products and services to support their customers in creating fashionable and sustainable garments. They provide the most complete denim package with a range of dyes and complimenting auxiliaries for the entire process, from pretreatment to the laundry processes of the apparel.  DyStar uses their experience to help their customers achieve high quality products and also reduce their costs and environmental impact.

Core Denim Dyes

DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution

DyStar’s core denim product is our DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution, the cleanest Indigo on the market. This product represents the state-of-the-art in pre-reduced indigo liquid, with over 15 years of production experience and customers worldwide. It allows a cleaner denim production and shows a massive positive impact on resource efficiency such as a reduction of the sodium hydrosulfite usage by 60-70%, much cleaner waste water and less water usage.

DyStar Indigo Festival of Blue

To inspire the fashion industry, DyStar has created the new “Festival of Blue” product range. Based on our clean Indigo VAT 40% Solution, we introduce fresh new blues to the world of denim.

Indigo Full Blue

Full Blue is a core dyeing to make jeans appear bluish after wash down.

  • Indigo designed for special dye process
  • Bright blue indigo color
  • Easy achievement of core dyeing effect
  • New blue shade after washing effect

Indigo Sky Blue

Sky Blue is a bright blue that has a clear look after the wash-down process is applied.

  • Interesting variation for Denim
  • Different shades
  • Diverse wash down effect
  • Better fastness than Indigo
  • Less soiling
  • Resistant vs. harmful gases

Indigo Ever Blue

Ever Blue is a ring dyeing and keeps jeans after washing and fading forever blue.

  • Forever Blue color
  • Different wash down effect
  • High fastness level
  • Chlorine fastness
  • Mercerizing fastness
  • Washing and light fastness

Indigo Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a very special process to provide an extremely dark shade and more resistance to fading.

  • New developed Indigo dye process
  • Provides an extremely dark shade
  • More resistant to fading
  • Based on DyStar Indigo Vat 40% solution

DyStar Indigo 4B COLL. Liq

DyStar Indigo 4B Coll. liq. is a derivate of Indigo for a brilliant blue denim shade. It is a newly developed dye process that offers an interesting variation for Denim with different wash down effects. 

Lava® Dyes

With our new Lava Dyes you can achieve bright shades and dark colors on denim.

They also offer great possibilities in creating wash effects due to their excellent decolorization with permanganate and accelerator. Coloration can be done at a low temperature and great light and wash fastness can be achieved without pre-cationaization or binders. Lava Dyes support a sustainable dyeing process due to lower energy and water consumption.

LAVA® Dye Antique

With DyStar’s new Lava Dye Antique range and process, it is possible to get “worn look” after dyeing with acceptable fastness levels. It provides high laboratory to production correlation and also very good re-producibility because of high fixing level and levelness. This is highly economic and simple process with short dyeing time.

Process Chemicals for Denim

Auxiliaries for Pretreatment & Dyeing

Using Sera® Auxiliaries for pretreatment and in the dyeing process will provide best results and high quality denim.

Auxiliaries for Pretreatment

  • Sera Quest C-PX- inorganic sequestering agent with dispersing and buffering ability
  • Sera Quest M-PP- All purpose sequestering agent
  • Sera Wash C-NEC / M-CEO- low foaming universal detergent agent. Nonionic. APEO free
  • Sera Merc C-MNF / C-MWA- non foaming mercerizing agent

Auxiliaries for Dyeing

  • Sera Sperse M-IS / liq- Multipurpose anionic dispersing agent
  • Sera Gal M-IP- Migration inhibitor for pad dyeing
  • Sera Quest C-PX- inorganic sequestering agent with dispersing and buffering ability
  • Sera Wet C-AS- low foaming rapid wetting agent with excellent dispersing power and high alkaline resistance. APEO free. Anionic
  • Sera Quest M-PP- sequestering with dispersing, soil, suspending and buffering ability for scouring, bleaching, and dyeing

Laundry Process and Effect Auxiliaries

In addition to a full range of dyes and dyeing auxiliaries, DyStar also offers a comprehensive range of auxiliaries and services for the laundry sector.

Customers benefit from our integrated product offering at all stages in laundry processing ; this includes auxiliaries for spraying, coating, bleaching, combined processes, finishing. With a wide range of GreenScreen and bluefinder listed laundry chemicals, DyStar provides a sustainable solution for beautiful, trendy denim wash effects.  Our global network of technical experts and special laundry competence centers in key markets help customers meet the demanding needs of this constantly changing market.

Auxiliaries for Finishing

Evo® Auxiliaries for softening and smoothing will give denim the perfect finish.

Customers benefit from our integrated product offering at all stages of laundry processing ; this includes auxiliaries for spraying , coating, bleaching, combined processes, finishing. With a wide range of GreenScreen and bluefinder listed Laundry Chemicals, we provide a sustainable solution for beautiful, trendy denim wash effects.

  • Evo Wax DRA / conc.- Rebeaming agent
  • Lava® Jeans PRO / PRO 01- softener which adds to providing protection against ozone fade
  • Evo Soft NP 100- high concentrated nonionic softener
  • Evo Fin PE / Evo Fin PEN- polyethylene softening and smoothing agent for wovens


Garment Denim Wash Training (LAVA U)

We develop innovative, trend-aligned wash effects in our garment wash development center in Reidsville, NC. DyStar Turkey, our center of excellence in Europe, is constantly developing new techniques and denim wash effects for the global market.

Through LAVA U we offer training on popular denim wash effects for creative teams. Each class includes a mix of classroom learning and discussions, practical application exercises, and opportunities to design and execute your own garments!

Contact us about our upcoming LAVA U workshops.
(3 days; $1,500 per person)

Read our Lava U brochure for more information.

Wash Development Center

Our facility in Reidsville, NC is also available for companies and individuals to do their own wash development. Contact us if you have any questions about our LAVA U workshops or the usage of our facilities in Reidsville.

Outstanding Support

Our global network of technical experts for dyeing and finishing of denim and special laundry competence centers in key markets help customers meet the demanding needs of this constantly changing market. Through close links with denim retailers, we support all parts of the denim supply chain.

As a trend leading company supporting the ZDHC group member retailers, DyStar is committed to sustainable chemistry. We research and invest in new products and processes to enable our customers to produce low-impact consumer goods meeting the highest environmental and quality standards in the most cost effective way.


“Pre-Reduced Indigo is a very consistent and clean type dye…..Having a consistently clean Indigo helps us produce more first quality denim day in, and day out. More first quality goods also generate more money to the bottom line.” Dean Barley, Denim Dye Department Manager at Mount Vernon Mills.

“Our collaboration with DyStar has been very productive for us. It has given a better ecological profile, excellent process control and a finished product which ensures customer satisfaction every time. DyStar is our reliable partner for all our denim needs” Mr. Syed Hasan Mumtaz, Director Production at Naveena Exports Limited.

“We implemented DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution in 2004 and have benefitted immensely since then, with the dyeing operations becoming leaner, cleaner, with lower load on our Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). At the same time we have drastically improved our product quality. DyStar gives us technical support from time to time to further optimize our costs, plan new products etc. Most importantly what our marketing team has observed is that discussions with brands and retailers become easier when we mention that we use only DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution.” Mr B. Sriramulu Managing Director of K G Denim.

For more information on our Denim Products, please contact us.