Sustainable Fashion.  Sustainability is our commitment at the DyStar Group, both in how we run our own organization, our production, logistics, as well as in the products and services we offer to brands, retailers and their industry partners.

Sustainable Products

DyStar is the world’s leading supplier of textile dyes. We have by far the broadest product range on the market, covering almost all fibers and quality specifications.

The DyStar econfidence® program provides assurance to our textile customers that the dyes and chemicals we supply comply with legal requirements e.g. REACH . It also offers guidance so that the selected products  are compliant with voluntary regulations e.g. Oeko-Tex and Brand & Retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements.


High performance Levafix® reactive dyes offer a wide range of shades and fulfill special fastness requirements. Our recently launched Levafix ECO is completely free of p-CA and other regulatory controlled amines.

For denim, the state-of-the-art  pre-reduced DyStar Indigo liquid allows a cleaner production and a reduction of the Sodium Hydrosulfite usage by 60%-70%.

Sustainable Services

DyStar Textile Services (DTS) supports brands, retailers and their industry partners with fast and innovative global solutions to create sustainable fashion.

Color Solutions International (CSI) is a leading service provider in color communication for brands and retailers. CSI uses DyStar dyes, to bring the most environmentally-friendly and cost effective solutions into the market.

Our program includes ColorWall  products, ~4,000 ready-made colors that are updated regularly with Inspirations to provide trend-aligned colors. It is used from design, development, to production, this eliminates costly and wasteful processes of lab dipping and color approval for each new color, and it gives your industry partner the opportunity to get expert technical support to get the right color. The CSI program facilitates sustainable fashion. Learn more about CSI….

Texanlab is a boutique testing house that specializes in eco testing. Texanlab tests to validate dyes, chemicals, or complete products to help meet voluntary regulation such as Oeko-Tex or any of the RSLs of well-known brands and retailers.

At Texanlab we have an open door policy, you can ask any question you have and we will do our utmost best to provide you with the guidance needed. Learn more about Texanlab….

Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS) is a team of experts in the field of chemical engineering and management, and textile manufacturing and processing.

STS team have a proven track record in their ability to guide textile manufacturing units to optimize production, water and energy, optimize use of chemicals, and reducing cost while delivering the same or better quality of goods required.

In addition the STS team supports brands and retailers in your efforts to develop, implement and communicate your RSLs to assure your products are safe for your consumer and have a minimum impact on the environment. To learn more about STS…

DyStar’s Ecology Solutions team supports textile mills, dyes houses and laundries meet the demand for responsible and sustainable production.

As part of its econfidence® program, DyStar advises customers on issues relating to ecology and chemicals legislation and recommends suitable products to meet ecological specifications. Our own high standards of quality and environmental protection make us an expert partner in this field.
To learn more about Ecology Solutions…