“We believe our commitment to sustainability has played an important role in making DyStar a dominant player in the market. Eco-friendly products and ecology services continue to be a key growth driver for DyStar.”

We know what we’re selling – do you know what you’re buying?

In 2003, DyStar created its econfidence program to cover the product safety and ecology issues associated with the manufacture and marketing of its products. The econfidence program now plays an important role in driving sustainability in the textile supply chain.

The DyStar econfidence program is designed to provide assurance to our textile customers that the dyes and chemicals we supply comply with legal requirements and to consult so that the selected products are compliant with voluntary and brand & retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements. It allows DyStar to build partnerships along the textile supply chain to foster a more sustainable textile production.

The econfidence program allows DyStar to build partnerships with the textile supply chain to foster more sustainable textile production.

Your Benefits

  • Confidence about the eco-performance of your textiles
  • Your supply chain partners understand how to meet your eco-specifications
  • Shorter lead-times and more reliable supply
  • Support for your reputation and brand integrity

econfidence Elements

The econfidence commitment assures customers of the highest possible levels of product quality and environmental responsibility and is backed up by the most extensive eco testing program of any textile chemical supplier.
DyStar products are in full compliance with the applicable chemical legislation in the markets in which they are manufactured and sold. For example, all DyStar product components (over 5000 individual chemicals had to be considered) have been pre-registered under the EU REACH Regulation.

econfidence Partnership Process

The econfidence partnership with brands and retailers enables collaborative communications on Restricted Substance Lists (RSL) and ecology issues in manufacturing. DyStar gives advice on coloristic consequences of eco restrictions and detailed product selection guidance, e.g. via its well-known econfidence brochures.

econfidence in Textile Processing

DyStar offers Best Available Technology (BAT) to reduce resource consumption and minimize pollution from textile wet processing.

For many years, the DyStar innovation processes have addressed both environmental concerns and economic realities – such as saving resources, saving costs and meeting the short lead times demanded from the textile supply chain.

DyStar has published practical guides on reducing resource use in the textile supply chain covering the following topics:

  • Elements of sustainability in the textile supply chain
  • Sustainable textile fibers and raw materials
  • Sustainable textile processing
  • Best available processing technology
  • Sustainable methods of color communication
  • Ecological testing of textiles
  • Laws, labels and logos – the key drivers for sustainable textiles


Gain confidence in the eco-performance of your textiles and garments through DyStar’s econfidence program. For more information on our econfidence program, please contact us.