Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability at DyStar

Since the release of our first Sustainability Report, we have set the example on sustainability within the industry. Our annual Sustainability Report now puts us ahead of competition, and establishes us as an industry leader in sustainability.

We have committed to annually publishing DyStar’s Sustainability Report and we are also expanding the scope of Sustainability Reporting by including many more performance indicators for the next year.

Our first sustainability report reflects our performance in 2010, the first year for which we measured our performance. We have established 2010 as the base year for comparing our future performance.

We are now focusing on setting realistic targets to continuously improve our sustainability performance in areas that we consider as important to our business and our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy is two-fold: reduce our own environmental impact and help our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

We have identified energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste as the main environmental impacts that we should focus on. Our target is to reduce environmental impact in these four areas by 30% by 2025. Our aim is to achieve this goal by reducing our impact by 2% every year.

Caring for The Future

We believe that our sustainability efforts to reduce energy consumption, water use, waste, and other resources will make us more cost-effective and competitive.

As a company, we also feel our responsibility towards society is important. One of the ways by which we can effectively contribute to society is to use our expertise to solve problems that societies face. We do this by collaborating with local governments, research institutions, and universities to develop affordable solutions in the area of drinking water, water conservation, green energy, and environmental education.

Employees Sustainability Campaigns

Furthermore, the company had been actively engaging its employees to take part in sustainability campaigns organized by the Global Sustainability team to raise awareness and promote environmentally responsible practices among the company’s workforce. Employees are empowered to also contribute ideas that can be implemented in the company’s operation and exceptional contributions are recognized and rewarded.

By actively involving its employees in sustainability campaigns and encouraging them to contribute their ideas, the company fosters a culture of sustainability, where every employee plays a role in making a positive impact on the environment. Through these collaborative efforts, the company is able to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future for the organization and the community at large.

Compliance Management

As one of the premier companies in its field with a truly global reach, DyStar operates in many different legal jurisdictions and cultures, and is responsible for complying with the law in the countries in which it works. A compliance management system coordinates and supports employees to help them act in accordance with our Core Values and Code of Conduct.

To report any non-compliance/ethical issue, please email the Global Compliance.

DyStar Corporate Compliance Policy
Germany: Public Info Ludwigshafen
Brazil: Compliance Management Policy

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is binding for all employees of the worldwide DyStar Group.

Code of Conduct (Official English Version)

Social Accountability

As a member of the chemical industry, we are committed to the principles of Responsible Care.

Social Accountability Declaration