Automotive Solutions

As a leading provider of solutions for the textile and leather supply chain, we offer a full range of dyes, auxiliaries and services for the automotive industry, backed up with econfidence from DyStar. Our integrated solution packages are the Best Available Technology and add value to our customers business. Our aim is to not only meet the demanding needs of the automotive sector, but also to support our customers in setting new trends and solving problems.

Automotive Dyes & Chemicals

On textiles

  • Dianix® AM-SLR/Formula One delivering the highest light fastness performance
  • Dianix AM disperse dyes for a broad range of polyester automotive outlets
  • Dianix HLA for polyester microfibers and differential denier fabrics especially for the Japanese fabrics
  • Selected Isolan® dyes for automotive polyamide fabrics with high light fastness
  • Novel print systems offering the highest fashion trends on automotive bodycloth
  • Broad range of Sera® process chemicals suitable for automotive textiles(i.e. low fogging, no impact on light fastness, oligomer control and right-first-time dyeing)
  • Evo® finishing chemicals to enhance durability, abrasion and protection of the fabrics

On leather

  • The best selection of Solvaderm Leather Dyes
  • Enhancement of leather upholstery with Cutapol and Eskatan Fat-liquors
  • Atesan and Gelon washing and degreasing agents
  • Tannit and Garoval tanning agents
  • Carbacet and Cutafix dyeing auxiliaries


Problem EffectSolution
Low kitting efficiencyWet waxing of knitting yamsEvo Wax FRS
Fogging Oil removalSera Wash M-OWS
Sera Sperse C-VB
Light fastnessUV radiation absorpotion? High light fastness dyesSera Fast P-APS new
Dianix AM
OligomersAlkaline dyeing?
Prevention of oligomer deposits
Oligomer removal (red. clearing)
Diaserver® AD-95
Sera Con P-DIS
Sera Con P-NU
Rubbing fastnessRemoval of unfixed dyesSera Con M-FAS
Insufficient brushingHomogeneousEvo Fin TSR-L
Abrasion/VelcroFabric surface protection stiffeningEvo Top A 30
Evo Fin USF, NET
StainingImproval of cleanabilityEvo Protect ESA
Evo Protect ELW
Electrostatic load Reduction of surface resistanceEvo Stat KEV
Evo Stat QHS
Rough surfaceSoft touch and antistatic propertiesEvo Soft QFL