DyStar has a wide range of textile auxiliaries which is designed to offer solutions for the entire textile wet processing chain – spinning/weaving, pretreatment, dyeing, printing, laundry, finishing and coating.

Pretreatment & Dyeing/Printing

DyStar offers a comprehensive range of chemicals for pretreatment processes of textile materials. We provide solutions for exhaust and continuous processes to make sure that the pretreated textile is ready for the subsequent dyeing and finishing processes. With our Sera® Fil range, DyStar’s customers can benefit both excellent performance and great ecological profile.

Main pretreatment auxiliaries brands: Sera Fil, Sera Wash, Sera Zon, Sera Wet, Sera Zyme

Our portfolio of dyebath auxiliaries covers a wide range of required auxiliaries for the dyeing of all substrates and their blends. We provide solutions for a problem-free dyeing process: levelness, reproducibility, fastness, cost saving and treatment of waste water. Besides performance, we also provide sustainable solutions to help our customers to reduce their environmental impact.

Main dyebath auxiliaries brands: Sera Gal, Sera Fast, Sera Quest, Sera Foam, Sera Con, Sera Lube

Spinning & Weaving

For the spinning and weaving processes DyStar provides selected and most reliable spinning agents and sizes in order to gain excellent running properties at the required speed levels.

Spinning and weaving product brands: Isafil, Filapan, Synthesin, Cerat


Customers benefit from our integrated product offering at all stages of laundry processing. This includes auxiliaries for spraying, coating, bleaching, combined processes and finishing. With a wide range of green screen and blue finder listed laundry chemicals, we provide a sustainable solution for beautiful and trendy denim wash effects.

Laundry product brands: Lava®

Softeners – Water & Oil Repellents – Resins & Catalysts

DyStar offers a wide range of excellent finishing products for softening up to functional effects like easy care, water and oil repellency, hydrophilicity, moisture management and wellness effects for all kind of fibers and application processes. The high performance of the finishes is always in line with the requirements for color fastness and ecological demands like formaldehyde and PFOA limitations and regulations.

Softeners & Finishing product brands:  Evo® Soft, Evo Protect, Evo Pret, Evo Fin, Evo Care, FABRITONE



Raw material for textile resins for shrinkage control and wrinkle-free performance. In addition, glyoxals are used for a number of applications in the paper, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Finishing product brands: Freechem

Waxes – Leather

Carnapol® waxes are synthetic waxes made from an amide and are similar in physical properties to some of the natural waxes, notably, Carnauba. They have a macroscopically noncrystalline structure, as does Carnauba wax. The wax breaks with a conchoidal fracture. It can be blended with all-natural waxes and paraffin waxes.

Finishing product brands: Carnapol