Saving Valuable Resources
Cadira is a new module in DyStar’s Resource Efficiency program. The Cadira concepts considerably reduce water, waste and energy consumption. Cadira will help Brands & Retailers and their production partners to save valuable resources and to reduce the carbon footprint of their textile goods.

What is Cadira Reactive?

Cadira Reactive is an optimized exhaust dyeing process for cellulosic fibers with Levafix® and Remazol® dyes and a special wash-off process using high performance Sera® Fast C-RD

Why Cadira Reactive?

Higher fixation yield

  • reduced cost
  • reduced energy consumption

Optimized dyeing process

  • reduced cost
  • reduced energy consumption

Special wash-off process

  • reduced cost
  • reduced water consumption
  • reduced energy consumption

Cadira Reactive reduces the carbon footprint of the reactive dyeing process

Cost Comparison Cadira Reactive vs conventional reactive dyeing
(example for a 1000 kg batch in LR 5:1 Jet dyeing)

Electricity usage compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Steam usage compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Water / Waste Water usage compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Process time compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

1. Salt
2. Sera Lube Neo (lubricant)

3. Selected Levafix / Remazol dyes
4. Alkali
5. Sera Fast C-RD
6. Acetic acid 60%

Recommended Dyes

Remazol® Dyes

Remazol Golden Yellow RGB 150%

Remazol Ultra Yellow RGBN

Remazol Ultra Orange RGBN

Remazol Ultra Carmine RGB

Remazol Ultra Red RGB

Remazol Navy RGB 150%

Remazol Midnight Black RGB 01

Remazol Brill. Blue BB 133%

Remazol Red RB 133%

Remazol Brill. Violet 5R

Remazol Black B 133%

Remazol Deep Black RGB

Remazol Yellow RR

Remazol Red RR

Remazol Blue RR

Remazol Yellow SAM

Remazol Red SAM

Remazol Blue SAM

Remazol Grey SAM

Remazol Gold SAM

Remazol Terra Cotta SAM

Remazol Pacific SAM

Remazol Space SAM

Levafix® Dyes

Levafix Brill. Yellow CA

Levafix Yellow CA

Levafix Amber CA

Levafix Amber CA-N

Levafix Orange CA

Levafix Brill. Red CA

Levafix Fast Red CA

Levafix Red CA

Levafix Red CA-N

Levafix Rubine CA

Levafix Olive CA 100

Levafix Blue CA

Levafix Dark Blue CA

Levafix Navy CA

Dye selection is based on high fixation yield and good wash-off behavior

What is Cadira Polyester?

Cadira Polyester is an environmentally friendly exhaust processing of polyester fibers with Dianix® dyes and Sera® process auxiliaries.

Why Cadira Polyester?

Optidye PES
– Improve Right-First-Time performance

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced chemical/auxiliary consumption
  • Reduced effluent load

Scour/dyeing and in-bath reduction clearing

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced water consumption

Alternatives in reduction clearing

  • Reduced effluent load

Cadira Polyester reduces the greenhouse gas emission

Optidye PES – temperature/time profile for dyeing polyester


1. Critical temperature range:
Dyestuff groups

2. Rate of rise:
Levelling properties
Levelling agents
Circulation time
Contact cycle

3. Dyeing time at max. temperature:
Dyestuff diffusion

Benefits of reliable application technology

Benefits of full optimization