Technical Textiles

Innovative and sustainable solutions for technical textiles

Narrow Fabrics

Strong dyes for tough work

Are you looking for technical solutions for narrow fabrics? Belts, tapes, ribbons – We offer a wide range of dyes, pigment preparations, auxiliaries and finishing products for all kind of narrow fabrics.  Just ask DyStar to solve your problems.

DyStar’s dyes and pigment preparations for Narrow Fabrics

Telon® M

Acid dyes for brilliant shades.


Dyes for highest fastness requirements.


Digital inks for digital solutions on narrow fabrics on polyamide or polyester.

Imperon® K

Pigment Preparations for one-step / one-bath dyeing and finishing in Pad-Dry- Thermofix-Processes.

Imperon HF

Pigment preparations for highest fastness requirements.

Dianix® AM

Disperse dyes for outstanding fastness properties.

Dianix S

Disperse dyes for brilliant shades and high reproducibility.


Digital inks for digital solutions on narrow fabrics on polyamide or polyester.

DyStar’s Auxiliaries for Narrow Fabrics

Evo® Top / Evo Fin

Hand modifying and durable stiffening effects, formaldehyde-free

Evo Pret

Durable stiffening effects, low formaldehyde according the legal requirements

Evo Flam

Highly effective fire protecting agents, halogen-free

Evo Protect

Fluorocarbons and PFC-free water repellents for outstanding effects

Finishing Auxiliaries for Technical Textiles

The versatile solution for textile effects for technical textiles!

The Evo range from DyStar – the effective way to make an impact! Our versatile finishing and coating products for technical textiles help you to create a wide range of effects for many different applications. Combine Evo Xen and Evo Top products with Imperon HF high performance pigments to meet extremely high light and weather fastness specifications for all kind of textiles, for indoor and outdoor use.

Evo finishing and coating products provide an excellent performance for:


  • Textiles with extremely high abrasion resistance-for workwear, automotive, outdoor textiles and a wide application for industrial use
  • Industrial textiles which need to withstand high temperatures up to 270°C, like for automotive, aviation and aerospace industry, as well as filters for exhaust air treatment
  • Outdoor textiles demanding high strength and abrasion, high light and weather fastness like for backpacks
  • Protective workwear with an outstanding performance, e.g. in flame retardant and heat resistant effects, antistatic behavior as well as water, oil, and stain repellent effects
  • Knitted, woven, and nonwoven materials for automotive approved for low-fogging properties, e.g. easy-to-clean performance for seat covers
  • Protective finishes and coatings for awnings, tents, and baby buggies in combination with Imperon HF pigments
  • Coatings for the food industry, like packaging for meat products and cheese
  • Innovative solutions for smart textiles
  • Formaldehyde-free solutions for ecological and sustainable textiles
Evo Fin

Stiffening and handle modification

Evo Flam

Reliable Solutions for flame retardant effects

Evo Pret

Most ecological crosslinkers to gain good durability and fastness of finishing effects

Evo Protect

Fluorocarbons and PFC-free repellent products

Evo Stat

To gain best antistatic properties

Evo Top

Ecological coating for high-tech articles, and work-safety

Evo Xen

Specialties for technical textiles