Carpet Solutions

Colorful carpets in bright, vivid shades contribute fundamentally to a cozy atmosphere of every interior or exterior.

Dyes and auxiliaries from DyStar® allow high-quality yet economical dyeing and printing of carpets. They meet highest quality standards and have highest application properties. For the various fibers used in carpets, we market the following product ranges:

Telon® • Isolan® • Supralan® • Astrazon® • Dianix® • Realan® • Levafix® • Remazol® • Sera® • Evo®

Application processes for carpets

  • Space Dyeing

  • Printing

  • Digital Printing

  • Continuous Dyeing

  • Exhaust Dyeing

Dye selection for the main carpet fibers

Polyamide – Telon / Isolan / Telon CP / Isolan CP

Our carpet center can determine the necessary fiber information to ensure that optimum dyeing and printing processes are chosen.
  • Telon® – PA dyes with good leveling properties
  • Isolan® – PA dye range with highest light fastness
  • Telon CP/Isolan CP – highly concentrated, salt free dyes for printing
  • Supralan® – comprises 1:2 metal-complex and acid (milling) dyes
  • Astrazon® – a unique line of cationic dyeable polyamide dyes
  • Realan®, Levafix® and Remazol® dyes – reactive dyes with highest wet fastness level on PA and wool

Polyester – Dianix

Disperse dyes from DyStar’s Dianix® dye range are the first choice for high-quality dyeing and printing on polyester carpets.

The best selection for low energy dyeing are

  • Dianix AC-E
  • Dianix E
  • Additional Dianix dyes

and under medium to high energy conditions

  • Dianix K
  • Dianix CC
  • Dianix S
  • Dianix AM/HLA
  • Dianix Micro Liquid.

Cationic Dyeable Polyester (CDP)

Cationic Dyable Polyester is an anionic modified polyester fiber that forms a salt bond with cationic dyes like DyStar’s Astrazon® dyes.
  • Astrazon dyes on CDP fibers – show excellent wet fastness and most brilliant shades


DyStar offers the following dye ranges for woolen carpets:
  • Telon® – Acid dyes
  • Isolan® – Metal-complex dyes
  • Supralan® – Reliable and economical dyes that cover virtually the whole color spectrum
  • Realan® – Metal-free reactive dyes with very good wet fastness properties

Auxiliary Selection for Carpet Dyeing Processes

Sera® and Evo® process auxiliaries support our wide range of dyes.
  • Sera Wet – Wetting agents
  • Sera Air – Deaerating agents
  • Sera Wash – Detergents
  • Sera Sperse – Dispersing and sequestering agents
  • Sera Gal – Leveling agents
  • Sera Foam – Defoamers
  • Sera Lube – Lubricants
  • Sera Con – Process auxiliaries
  • Sera Fast – Fixing agents
  • Evo Soft – Softeners

Customer services provided by our carpet center

  • State-of-the-art machinery and equipment for dyeing and printing of carpets
  • Highly compatible dye combinations for fashionable shades
  • Quality solutions for all relevant substrates
  • Determination of fiber data
  • Testing of all relevant carpet fastness properties
  • Recipe formulation
  • Assistance in sustainable and ecological production methods
  • Continuous support from our carpet experts