Wool Solutions

Our range of wool dyes meets all requirements.  The history of wool dyeing is a story of innovation. The aim has always been to develop new dyes and application processes which improve quality and fastness properties.

The Supralan product range simplifies dye selection

As the world’s leading supplier of textile dyes, DyStar markets a full range of modern, high-quality dyes for wool covering all dye classes.


To help our customers select the right dyes from our extensive product ranges, we focus on the Supralan range. Supralan dyes meet rising demands for versatile, economical and high-quality dyes.

DyStar provides a full range of dyes to meet all requirements in the dyeing of wool. – From high-quality and economical standard dyes to innovative problem-solvers.

Benefits at a glance

  • The industry’s most extensive range of dyes for wool
  • DyStar invests in in-house R&D to develop new dyes and application processes
  • The combined expertise of the former leading dye suppliers (Bayer, BASF and Hoechst)
  • Trained and experienced representatives in all major markets
  • High-quality standards worldwide


The cost effective all-round dye range

A product range for reliable and economical dyeing of wool in all forms for dyeing. The Supralan range comprises 1:2 metal-complex and acid (milling) dyes. The dyes cover virtually the whole color spectrum. Supralan dyes can be used in all common application processes and enable our customers to respond quickly to changing market requirements.


Metal-free dyes with very good wet fastness properties

Reactive dyes for black and navy blue, brilliant shades and machine washable wool (e.g. Hercosett articles). Realan dyes are gaining importance in wool dyeing and are a focal point of research and development at DyStar.


A superlative in wool wet fastness properties

Well established afterchrome dyes for excellent fastness requirements. These dyes have very good processing and end user fastness properties. They are suitable for dyeing loose stock, tops and piece goods. DyStar offers its customers ecologically optimized recipes and application procedures.

Isolan® – Telon®

Proven dyes for wool in all forms for dyeing

Isolan: Is a collective name for all DyStar metal complex dye (MCD) ranges. Isolan dyes are subdivided into a non sulphonated MCD range “Isolan” providing excellent light fastnesses and a disulphonated MCD range “Isolan 2S” providing economical and extremely wet fast dyeings.

Telon: This product range brings together all the acid dyes marketed by DyStar and covers the whole spectrum of acid dyes from leveling to milling dyes. The dye suffix indicates the type of dye.

Telon (micro) – level dyeing acid dyes

Telon A – half milling dyes

Telon M – milling dyes