Technical Dyes

Hidacid & Aquonium Technical Dyes


Aquonium® dyes are cationic paper dyes available in two primary colors – Turquoise and yellow. These dyes are best suited for beater coloring pulp for paper towels, tissues and medical garments. They also are excellent for printing on paper towels, tissues and toilet paper. The biggest advantage of Aquonium dyes over conventional dyes is their bleed resistance. This is due to an inherent affinity of Aquonium to cellulosic fibers. Also, when printing on absorbent grades of paper, Aquonium dyes offer greater clarity than pigmented inks.


Hidacid® technical dyes are designed to be easy to use, free flowing and viscosity-stable. These dyes are used in producing architectural, household, writing utensils, paper products, water treatment, film imaging and brighteners. Most of our products are quality-controlled on a weight basis. This QC methodology leads to the greatest color and strength consistency for in-plant tinting. Products are maximum package stable, freeze/thaw stable and are resistant to bacterial growth.

ProductPhysical Form Color NameColor
Aquonium Turquoise LiquidLiquidTurquoise
Hidacid® Azure Blue 50 percent LiquidLiquidAcid Blue 9
Hidacid Azure Blue Powder PowderAcid Blue 9
Hidacid Azure Paste 65 LiquidAcid Blue 9
Hidacid Black Pond Dye Solution LiquidN/A
Hidacid Blue CL Extra Conc. LiquidBlend (Acid Blue 9, Acid Yellow 23)
Hidacid Eosine Soda Salt PowderAcid Red 87
Hidacid FTM Blue 9 PowderAcid Blue 9
Hidacid FTM Violet 17 PowderAcid Violet 17
Hidacid Fast Light Yellow 2G LiquidAcid Yellow 17
Hidacid Fluorescein PowderSolvent Yellow 94
Hidacid Green HP PowderBlend (Acid Blue 9, Acid Yellow 23)
Hidacid Pyranine PowderSolvent Green 7
Hidacid Pyranine 20 Solution LiquidSolvent Green 7
Hidacid Tartazine Solution LiquidAcid Yellow 23
Hidacid Tartrazine Extra Concentrated 115 PowderAcid Yellow 23
Hidacid Tartrazine Extra Concentrated 165 PowderAcid Yellow 23
Hidacid Uranine K Liquid LiquidAcid Yellow 73
Hidacid Wool Violet, CONC., Dustless PowderAcid Violet 17
Hidacid Yellow 73 PowderAcid Yellow 73
Hidacid Azure Blue, Dustless PowderAcid Blue 9
Hidacid Fast Light Yellow 2G PowderAcid Yellow 17