Active Wear

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DyStar’s unrivalled range of problem-solving dyes, auxiliaries and finishing products offers you everything you need to process textiles for modern high-performance outdoor & sportswear. Whether it is functional textiles, fashionable ski suits & outdoor articles such as tents, backpacks, canvas, parachutes, belts & tapes or athletics & golf wear.

DyStar’s Dyes for Active Wear Solutions


Athletics with excellent wet fastness and perfect color blocking

Disperse dyes

Dianix® XF/XF2/SF

For highest wet fastness


Dianix AM/HLA
For outstanding light fastness


Sport clothes and outdoor gear with highest light and wet fastness.

Acid dyes

Telon® M

For brilliant shades

Metal-complex dyes

Isolan® S/2S/NHF-S
For highest wet fastness and light fastness


Golf wear with highest perspiration light fastness.

Reactive dyes

Levafix® CA

Selected Remazol®

Vat dyes


DyStar’s Auxiliaries for Active Wear Solutions

Process Auxiliaries

Sera® products for pretreatment
Eco friendly washing agents

Sera products for dyeing
Auxiliaries for reliable processing

Sera products for after-treatment
Auxiliaries for improving fastness

Finishing Products

Evo® Sport
Moisture management

Evo Protect
Water repellence

Evo Care
Skin protection and care

DyStar’s Dyes and Auxiliaries for Intimate Solutions

Subtle Solutions for Lingerie

In order to be successful in the market, Intimate wear has to be subtly designed and a host of subtle processing as well as fastness requirements have to be fulfilled.

Solutions for continuous tape dyeing
(e.g. Bra straps)

Solutions for moulding fastnesses
(e.g. Bra cups)

Solutions for extractable heavy metals and chemicals

Solutions for repeated washing

Solutions for high elastomer content coverage

Brilliant and Deep Solutions for Swimwear

Swimwear is designed to be eye catching and functional. However, these two features don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Solutions for very brilliant and Neon / Flavine shades

Extreme wet and light fastness requirements

Build Up of deep shades on microfiber


Levafix CA, selected Remazol dyes

Dianix XF, XF2, SF

Telon / Isolan

For moulding processes particularly selected Telon and Dianix XF2 dyes are recommended

Process Auxiliaries

Sera products for pretreatment
Eco friendly washing detergents

Sera products for dyeing
Auxiliaries for reliable processing

Sera aftertreatment products
Auxiliaries for improving fastness

Finishing Products

Evo Soft HWA
Evo Soft HDS
Evo Soft HWH
Evo Fin PSR (only for Polyester)
Evo Fin ASH (only for Polyamide)