About Kiri Industries Limited

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Kiri Industries Limited (KIL), a fully integrated manufacturer of Dyes, Dyes Intermediates and Chemicals has embedded the culture of enhancing life with the Chemistry of Colors, an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer, a winner of CHEMEXCIL and GDMA performance awards for its quality and service. It is listed at Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited in India.

KIL is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of wide range of Dyes, Intermediates and Chemicals from India. KIL is an accredited and certified Key Contract Supplier to world’s top Dyestuff majors across Asia-Pacific, the EU and America and is a preferred resource centre for its extensive product lines. It is known for its “black reactive dyes” in the industry.

KIL is globally known for its large batch size dyes manufacturing facility which provides an upper edge in providing lower unit cost of production. Also KIL’s two stage backward integration has improved the sustainability of the organization by improving cost effectiveness and maintains profitability giving stable product prices as compared to competitors.

KIL’s mission is to play an important role in the global dyestuff and specialty chemical sector. Acquiring DyStar was with a vision to attain global foot print and reach out to the end customer by supplying dyes at competitive prices.

The company has been transformed into a fully integrated Dyes company through backward integration. By debottlenecking, recently KIL re-engineered its existing manufacturing facilities and enhanced it dyes production capacities to 35000MTPA. Currently its Basic Chemical Plant’s capacity is 180000 MTPA and its Dye Stuff Intermediate plant capacity is around 9600 MTPA, which recently was enhanced to 27600 MTPA, with 18000 MTPA of Vinyl Sulphone. The company is in the process of setting up H Acid (12000 MTPA) and Hydrogen Peroxide (10000 MTPA).

Kiri Industries has been embarking upon its expansion strategy, mindful of its responsibility to an environment friendly growth. The company has consistently been investing in latest technologies which are environment friendly and are also setting benchmarks for sustainable growth of Dyestuff Industry in India.

Website: www.kiriindustries.com