Clear water white liquid

KTREAT V is an acid solution used as part of CIP cleaning and neutralization in different industries. KTREAT V conforms to FDA Title 21 CFR 184.1005 as a direct food substance. KTREAT V is affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) when used at levels not to exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with this chapter. In addition, KTREAT V is a kosher product.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Clear water white liquid
Odor Acidic
Weight – pounds per gallon 8.34 pounds
Specific Gravity 1.00
Solubility in Water Soluble
Boiling Point – °C  100°C
pH 2.5 Approx.
Vapor Density – mm Hg 2.1
Incorporation Add KTREAT V to the effluent until pH is in the desired range.
Application Group Application Description
Food pH neutralization after caustic CIP Washing compound 50 grain process aid.
Watertreat Waste water pH control Washing compound 50 grain process aid.
Other Scale control and cleaning- Food Defoamers

Other Scale control and cleaning- Food Defoamers

ProductpHAppearanceSpecific Gravity
BROTREAT™ 7002-3Light yellow liquid1.12
BROTREAT 8007 min.Light orange liquid1.32
BROTREAT 7507-9Light yellow liquid1.19
KABOCLEAN™ N5010-13Dark brown liquid1.15
KTREAT V 2.5 Approx.Clear water white liquid1.00
KVAP™ 1355-6Clear to hazy liquid1.23
KVAP 2001-2Hazy amber liquid1.03
KVAP 2509-12 Pale straw liquid1.22