KVAP™ 250

Pale straw liquid

KVAP 250 is a mix of ingredients designed to help preventscale build up in equipment like evaporators, concentrator sand distillation columns in the fermentation and suga rindustries. KVAP 250 does not completely avoid scale formation but makes it easier to remove during CIP. Maximum allowed usage is 17 ppm by weight.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Pale straw liquid
Odor Mild
Weight – pounds per gallon 10.17 pounds
Flash Point – °C > 101°C, 213.8 °F PMCC
Specific Gravity 1.22
Solubility in Water Soluble
Boiling Point – °C > 100°C, 212°F
pH 9 – 12
Vapor Pressure – mm Hg 11.69999 mm Hg
Incorporation Dose at a point right before where the scale is normally observed. Use a metering pump.
Application Group Application Description
Food Fermentation Mineral antiscalant process aid.
Food Sugar production Mineral antiscalant process aid.
Other Scale control and cleaning- Food Defoamers

Other Scale control and cleaning- Food Defoamers

ProductpHAppearanceSpecific Gravity
BROTREAT™ 7002-3Light yellow liquid1.12
BROTREAT 8007 min.Light orange liquid1.32
BROTREAT 7507-9Light yellow liquid1.19
KABOCLEAN™ N5010-13Dark brown liquid1.15
KTREAT V 2.5 Approx.Clear water white liquid1.00
KVAP™ 1355-6Clear to hazy liquid1.23
KVAP 2001-2Hazy amber liquid1.03
KVAP 2509-12 Pale straw liquid1.22