Light yellow liquid

Brotreat 700 is a scale inhibitor designed to control scale in evaporators and distillation columns. Brotreat 700 ingredients also act as a foam control in hot processes where foam is present.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Odor Organic
Weight – pounds per gallon 9.34 pounds
Specific Gravity 1.12
Solubility in Water Soluble
Boiling Point – °C > 100°C, 212°F
pH 2 – 3
Incorporation Feed Brotreat 700 as is with a metering pump in a system where equipment scale formation has been observed.
Application Group Application Description
Food Foam control Controls mineral scale and foam control in hot processes.
Other Scale control and cleaning- Food Defoamers

Other Scale control and cleaning- Food Defoamers

ProductpHAppearanceSpecific Gravity
BROTREAT™ 7002-3Light yellow liquid1.12
BROTREAT 8007 min.Light orange liquid1.32
BROTREAT 7507-9Light yellow liquid1.19
KABOCLEAN™ N5010-13Dark brown liquid1.15
KTREAT V 2.5 Approx.Clear water white liquid1.00
KVAP™ 1355-6Clear to hazy liquid1.23
KVAP 2001-2Hazy amber liquid1.03
KVAP 2509-12 Pale straw liquid1.22