bluesign_approved Today's polyester dye houses are challenging rising demands in regard to performance and ecological profile of the dyes and at the same time rising pressure on process costs. Our new Dianix Yellow Brown S-4R 150% is the solution for these challenges and also part of DyStar's commitment to econfidence: It is a full substitute for C.I. Disperse Orange 30 but with an absolute green profile - it meets all Restricted Substances Lists and Government legislations and is free of allergenic additives. Dianix Yellow Brown S-4R 150% is most suitable for dyeing polyester, polyester microfibers and PES/elastane blends and appeals with optimum properties for resource management.

Universal grey dye with excellent light fastness aimed for the best batch-to-batch reproducibility on PES automotive textiles
Dianix Grey AM-SLR is a new automotive Grey to fit in the Dianix AM range meeting the challenges of automotive coloration.

High performance for deep blacksbluesign_approved
Dianix ECO Black HF is the first AOX-free deep black in the Dianix range. With Dianix ECO Black HF, we are able to fulfill the growing demand on ecological requirements of dyes used in textile application and strengthen our commitment to sustainability. The product has good level of wet-fastness and light fastness suitable for exhaust and continuous dyeing. Because of the high color yield and good build-up properties on polyester microfiber and polyester blends, it is very cost-effective.

Red hot, cost effective and eco-friendlybluesign_approved
Dianix Chilli Red SF is the latest new addition to the Dianix SF family, a cost effective and eco-friendly dye made specifically to give the highest level of wet-fastness on all substrates in neutral reds and for ternary shades. Created in a shade that is similar to the Dianix Crimson SF, Dianix Chilli Red SF is the result of a brand new chemistry which gives you fastness properties that are superior than the Dianix Crimson SF. With this new shade, you will have the highest level of wet-fastness and good build-up behavior. These properties make Dianix Chilli Red SF ideal for the exhaust dyeing of polyester and polyester blends used in high quality sportswear.

The next generation of high wet fastness disperse dyes.bluesign_approved
Polyester is the most important textile fiber and consumption has continuously grown over the years. Polyester can only be dyed with disperse dyes and is used in a wide range of industry segments. The demands in fastness specifications for high wet fast sportswear, apparel and workwear from Retailers & Brands on critical fabrics like polyester microfiber, polyester/elastane, polyester/cellulosic and other polyester blends are challenging the textile industry. In addition the tightened environmental standards (Restricted Substance Lists – RSL’s) set by Retailers & Brands must be taken into consideration. As the leading manufacturer of dyes and auxiliaries, DyStar responds to these requirements by continuously researching for new products. Over the years, the existing Dianix XF and Dianix SF range was extended with new high performance products. The latest development is the Dianix XF2 range, the next generation of high wet fastness dyes. Click on the description below or Contact Us Here to find out more.