Dianix Chilli Red SF

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Dianix Chilli Red SF is the latest new addition to the Dianix SF family, a cost effective and eco-friendly dye made specifically to give the highest level of wet-fastness on all substrates in neutral reds and for ternary shades.

Created in a shade that is similar to the Dianix Crimson SF, Dianix Chilli Red SF is the result of a brand new chemistry which gives you fastness properties that are superior than the Dianix Crimson SF. With this new shade, you will have the highest level of wet-fastness and good build-up behavior. These properties make Dianix Chilli Red SF ideal for the exhaust dyeing of polyester and polyester blends used in high quality sportswear.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective alternative to Dianix Crimson SF
  • New unique single red shade with very low fluorescence compared to benzodifuranone-based reds
  • Slightly superior wet-fastness properties compared to Dianix Crimson SF on 100% polyester and polyester/elastane blends, slightly inferior on polyester/cotton
  • Similar build-up to heavy reds in exhaust dyeing at 130 °C and continuous dyeing at 220 °C compared to Dianix Crimson SF
  • Good reproducibility on polyester, polyester/elastane and polyester/cellulosic blends


  • No MAK amines generated by reductive cleavage according to EU Directive 2002/61/EEC and German Consumer Goods Ordinance
  • No restricted polychlorinated aromatic compounds above acceptable trace level
  • AOX free
  • Heavy metal content well below ETAD limit value guideline
  • Meets requirements of Restricted Substance Lists (RSL) of leading retailers and brands

For more information, please check the eliot® tool or get in touch with your local DyStar contact.

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