Dianix Yellow Brown S-4R 150%


Today’s polyester dye houses are challenging rising demands in regard to performance and ecological profile of the dyes and at the same time rising pressure on process costs. Our new Dianix Yellow Brown S-4R 150% is the solution for these challenges and also part of DyStar’s commitment to econfidence: It is a full substitute for C.I. Disperse Orange 30 but with an absolute green profile – it meets all Restricted Substances Lists and Government legislations and is free of allergenic additives.

Dianix Yellow Brown S-4R 150% is most suitable for dyeing polyester, polyester microfibers and PES/elastane blends and appeals with optimum properties for resource management.

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Main properties at a glance:

  • Suitable for eco clearing
  • Similar shade to C.I. Disperse Orange 30
  • Cost effective dyeing features
  • Top fastness properties
  • Lot to lot consistency
  • Good dispersibility and dispersion stability

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