Telon and Isolan CP dyes

The complete package of technically advanced dyes for Chromojet carpet printing
  • Telon Yellow M-CP
  • Isolan Golden Yellow CP 01
  • Isolan Red S-CP
  • Telon Blue M-CP
  • Isolan Ultramarine S-CP
  • Isolan Black 2S-CP
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Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost saving and higher reproducibility
  • Saving costs for printing paste, water consumption, effluent, transport, production and stocks
  • Minimized influence on viscosity of the synthetic thickener (acrylate base)
  • Much sharper print lines compared to other basic product




  • Universal Suitability
  • Good combinability with Isolan 2S/NHF-S and Telon M dyes as required for shade and or metamerie
  • No limitation for various application stages (exhaustion, continuous, space dyeing or printing)
  • High quality DyStar products
  • DyStar standardized high physical properties: Strength, shade and all physical properties (solubility, solution stability, dust value) are standardized for textile application
  • High wet and light fastness level


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