Remazol SAM

bluesign_approvedThe new Remazol SAM range offers high fast and high performing reactive dyes for dyeing cellulosic fibers in exhaust process.

There is an ongoing request in the market for economical reactive dyes and ternaries for fashion knit goods. In addition to that, these dyes are required to offer good dyeing properties as well as advanced fastness properties.  The new Remazol SAM package contains 11 new reactive dyes for pale to medium and for critical shades as well as dyes for economical dark shades. In addition it includes 2 dyes for very bright Orange and Royal shades. All Remazol SAM dyes can be combined with each other (except Royal SAM) and offer good combinability, level dyeing behavior and high RFT results. Of course they can also be combined with most other Remazol, Remazol RR and Remazol RGB/Ultra RGB dyes.

Remazol SAM dyes can meet the most demanding Retailer & Brands specifications for cotton fashion wear and fulfil the requirements of relevant RSL’s. All dyes are in full compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, they are applied for GOTS and submitted for bluesign classification.

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Features and Benefits

  • Strong build-up properties
  • High fixation yield
  • Good fastness profile
  • Competitive cost
  • Compliant with relevant RSL’s and Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Eco Profile

  • Full compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Meets all relevant Restricted Substance Lists (RSL)
  • Applied for GOTS
  • Submitted for bluesign classification
  • No MAK amines generated by reductive cleavage according to EU Directive 2002/61/EEC and German Consumer Goods Ordinance

Product Overview

Following 4 Remazol SAM dyes are mainly for pale to medium shades as well as for critical ternaries where especially high light fastness and high fastness to perspiration & light is required.


Remazol Yellow SAM Remazol Red SAM
Remazol Yellow SAM is a high performance reactive yellow component for pale to medium and critical shades. It offers low photochromism and excellent stability against nitrogen gases. Remazol Red SAM is the recommended red component for pale to medium and critical shades. It’s leveling properties as well as high light fastness level makes it a perfect partner for this shade area.
Remazol Blue SAM Remazol Grey SAM
Remazol Blue SAM shows it’s strength also in the pale to medium and critical shades area. High light fastness and perfect level dyeing behavior are the highlights of this product. Remazol Grey SAM is an outstanding product because of it’s shade, dyeing and fastness performance. Beside these properties it also builds up homogeneously from pale grey to anthracite.



Following 7 Remazol SAM dyes are mainly for medium to very deep ternary shades or – in case of Royal SAM – for deep and very bright self shades.


Remazol Gold SAM Remazol Terra Cotta SAM
  Remazol Gold SAM is developed as yellow component for dark ternary shades. Good dyeing and fastness properties combined with good wash-off behavior are the main properties of this dye. Remazol TerraCotta SAM is a brownish yellow component for deep ternary dyeings together with e.g. Maroon SAM and Pacific or Space SAM.
Remazol Orange SAM Remazol Maroon SAM
Remazol Orange SAM is a very bright and reddish orange which should mainly be used as self shade are in combination with other bright dyes for high brilliancy shades. Remazol Maroon SAM is the high colour strength red component for deep ternary shades. Strong build-up and good all round fastness level makes Maroon SAM ideal for combinations.
Remazol Royal SAM Remazol Pacific SAM
Remazol Royal SAM offers a very bright royal blue shade with outstanding build-up into deepest shades. It should mainly be used as self shade. Remazol Pacific SAM is the standard Blue component for medium to deep ternary shades with good light fastness and dyeing performance.
Remazol Space SAM
Remazol Space SAM is a deep Navy which can be used as blue component in ternaries or as basis for dark Navy shades.
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