Danufil® Proshade® is the name of an innovative new viscose melange yarn resulting from a development cooperation between the three industry partners Kelheim Fibres, Linz Textil and DyStar. What’s new about Danufil® ProShade®? While usually a melange yarn is spun of differently coloured fibres, Danufil®...

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DyStar is a leading provider of dyes, chemicals, effects and services for the textile industry. DyStar focuses on research and development of sustainable solutions and will be showcasing some of their innovations at the 15th China International Dye Industry, Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition (China Interdye)...

Economical blue component with high light/perspiration light fastness as well as high stability against nitrogen and ozone treatments
The latest addition to DyStar’s Levafix CA range of high-performance reactive dyes is Levafix Dark Blue CA. This new dye can be applied by all common dyeing methods and is especially suitable for pale to medium ternary shades as well as for navies. Like all the other dyes in the Levafix CA family, its features include excellent reproducibility and reliable application. This dye can also combine with both Levafix CA and also Remazol RGB/Ultra RGB dyes. Levafix Dark Blue CA is synonymous with highest Color Confidence: the dye offers outstanding light and wet light fastness even in the presence of acid and alkaline perspiration, and alkaline or oxidative detergent residues, and it has very high fastness to repeated washing. The new innovative Levafix Dark Blue CA offers the optimum solution for the pale and medium shade area – and also when used in recipes as a high light fastness blue shading component. Levafix Dark Blue CA can also be used in Remazol Ultra RGB combinations where an economical high light fastness blue component is required.