Translucent, Light-Colored Liquid

Foam Blast 590E is a high-performance, synthetic-based foam control additive developed for water-based coatings, adhesives, inks, and pigment dispersions. It provides excellent performance, compatibility, and age stability at lower addition rates compared to conventional mineral oil-based products. In addition, Foam Blast 590E contains no mineral oils or silicones and has very low (less than 1%) VOC. As a result, it will not cause swelling of rubber rolls or flexographic printing plates and is suitable for use in food contact applications in compliance with 21 CFR 175.105, 175.300, 176.170 (defoamer), 176.180 (defoamer) or 176.210.

Product Details

Attribute Value
FDA Coverages
FDA CFR 21 175.105, 175.300, 176.170, 176.180, and 176.210
Typical Properties
Appearance Translucent, light-colored liquid
Viscosity @ 25°C 1200 cps (approximate)
Density @ 25°C 8.4 lbs/gallon
Flash Point, PMCC Hazy, Light Amber Liquid
Other Industrial Foam Control - Synthetic Polyol

Industrial Foam Control – Synthetic Polyol

Foam Blast® 327100% active multiple hydrophobe product designed for versatility and compatibility. Does not contain petroleum oils and will not cause swelling of rubber rollers or polymer print plates.
Foam Blast® 332100% active product incorporating a blend of organic and synthetic materials. This pulping defoamer concentrate does not cause problems downstream and is effective in hot or cold applications over a broad pH range (1 to 10).
Foam Blast® 338100% active product designed for ease of use and long term foam control at low levels compared to paraffinic oil-based defoamers used in inks and coatings. Proven effective as a foam control agent for polyvinyl alcohols. Generally more economical than silicone defoamers while offering similar or better performance.
Foam Blast® 349100% active and highly effective grind defoamer at relatively low use levels, compared to mineral oil-based defoamers. Proven effective in low VOC systems and effective in high gloss sheens.
Foam Blast® 46925% active synthetic emulsion product designed for quick foam suppression.
Foam Blast® 476100% active product controls mechanical and biological foam. High spread rate for knockdown and excellent stamina. Works in most industrial and municipal effluent systems in digestors, aeration ponds, flumes and the river outfall. Also an effective paper machine defoamer.
Foam Blast® 550100% active, particulate and silicone free product designed for aqueous and energy curable systems, i.e. UV curable oligomers, inks and coatings. Comparable or superior to silicone anti-foam compounds in foam control. Does not interfere with the application of top coats or adhesives to cured films. Reactive functionality becomes incorporated into the macromolecule as the film is cured.
Foam Blast® 590EDeveloped for water-based coatings, adhesives and inks. Excellent age stability very low (less than 1%) VOC. Will not cause swelling of rubber rolls or flexographic printing plates.