Hazy, Light Amber Liquid

FOAM BLAST 550 is a highly effective foam control additive formulated specifically for use in UV curable oligomers, inks and coatings. Tests have shown that FOAM BLAST 550 is comparable or superior to silicone antifoam compounds in foam control, but is much more compatible with UV monomers and oligomers. FOAM BLAST 550 eliminates separation and film flaws that are a common problem with silicone antifoams. It also does not interfere with the application of top coats or adhesives to cured films.

Product Details

Attribute Value
FDA Coverages
FDA CFR 21 175.300
Typical Properties
Viscosity (mPa-s) @ 25°C 1200 – 2400
Flash Point (°F) (PMCC ) >200
Density @ (kg/L) 25°C 0.890
Appearance Hazy, Light Amber Liquid
Application Group Application Description
Graphic Arts & Printing UV/EB Cured Inks 100% Synthetic foam control agent designed to maximize compatibility with UV and EB ink formulations
Other Industrial Foam Control - Synthetic Polyol

Other Industrial Foam Control – Synthetic Polyol

FOAM BLAST® 327Robust mineral-oil Free synthetic foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 332Multiple Hydrophobe synthetic foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 338Robust mineral-oil free synthetic foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 349Synthetic foam control agent for graphic arts applications.
FOAM BLAST 4149Robust synthetic foam control agent for Aqueous and Energy Curable Systems.
FOAM BLAST 441Synthetic foam control agent for paper machines and Water Treatment Applications.
FOAM BLAST 469General purpose wastewater and paper machine synthetic foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 476General purpose Water Treatment synthetic foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST 550Specialized synthetic foam control agent for Energy Curable (UV/EB) Applications.
FOAM BLAST FMTProcess aid for oil Separation and demulsification.
FOAM BLAST SADGeneral purpose synthetic foam control agent.