Fashion Solutions

Brilliant shades with unmatched  fastness performance
With a wide range of dyes for cellulosics and polyester, DyStar offers BAT solutions to the demands of the fashion industry. DyStar reactive dyes can achieve brilliant shades and offer high fastness performance on cotton and other cellulosics products. For Polyester, our high quality disperse dyes are the perfect solution. Our auxiliaries complement our dyes throughout the entire process for best results, reduced environmental footprint and comfortable finishes.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Wide range of shades available
  • High brilliancy
  • Very good fastness performance
  • Competitive product cost and cost saving solutions


  • Water and energy saving solutions
  • Compliance with different Brand’s & Retailer’s Restricted Substance Lists
  • Compliance with international regulations
  • Compliance with voluntary standards

Recommended Dyes

For Cellulosics

Levafix CA

Reactive dyes for high fastness performance on fashion articles

Remazol SAM

Reactive dyes for competitive solutions with good fastness profile

Other selected Levafix and Remazol dyes

For Polyester

Dianix CC

Disperse dyes for reliable and competitive Polyester

Other selected Dianix dyes

Recommended Auxiliaries and Processes

Sera Eco Wash

Resource saving wash-off process for reactive dyeings in exhaust process  – best results in combination with selected DyStar reactive dyes

Sera White C

Brightening agents for brightest whites on cellulose and polyester.

Evo Care

Evo finishing products for wellness effects

Danufil® Proshade supported by DyStar

Novel 100% Viscose fiber blends for Melange Effects

A joint development of leading companies

Danufil Proshade Melange yarns – an innovation by Linz Textil – are a blend of two viscose fibers, one of them is Danufil Deep Dye. Danufil Deep Dye contains a permanent cationic charge which gives it a different affinity to anionic dyes. Because of the different affinities of the fibers to anionic dyes flexible Melange dyeings are possible which provides highest flexibility and time savings.

These unique features offer the following benefits:

Reduced warehousing  

  • No need to store various kind of blended dyed yarns

Fast reaction on orders 

  • Wide color range
  • Thousands of different Melange color combinations are possible

Production on demand 

  • Just store the white Danufil Proshade fabric and dye it when needed

Simple and cost effective dyeing processes 

  • No-salt dyeing with selected Levafix and Remazol dyes
  • High fastness level
  • Up to 30% water and energy saving
  • Shorter dyeing cycles →higher productivity

Kelheim Fibers‘ Danufil Deep Dye Viscose fiber combined with innovative experience in spinning technology from Linz Textil are the key elements for Danufil Proshade Melange yarns.

With high performance Levafix® and Remazol® reactive dyes as well as Sera® process chemicals and dyeing know-how from DyStar, sustainable production of Melange effects becomes reality.