D&C Red 33

Acid Red 33

DyStar is a leading producer of regulated drug and cosmetic colorants. Our cosmetics dyes and pigments can be used in a number of drug, cosmetic and household products. Some of these products include lipsticks and other make-ups, medicines, vitamins, lotions and shampoos.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Code 25DA3733
Typical Properties
Colour Index # 17200
Application Group Application Description
Personal Care Colorant Colorant in soap, bubble bath and shampoo.
Pharmaceutical & Medical Colorant Colorant in topically applied drugs.
Other D&C Regulated Dyes

Other D&C Regulated Dyes

ProductColor No. Color NameColor
D&C Green No. 561570Acid Green 25
D&C Green No. 859040Solvent Green 7
D&C Orange No. 415510Acid Orange 7
D&C RED 2245380Acid Red 87
D&C Red 2745410:1Solvent Red 48
D&C Red 3317200Acid Red 33
D&C Red No. 2845410Acid Red 92
D&C Yellow No. 845350Acid Yellow 73
D&C Yellow No. 1047005Acid Yellow 3
External D&C Violet No. 260730Acid Violet 43