Sustainability Reports

Sustainability is our commitment at the DyStar Group, both in how we run our own organization, our production, logistics, as well as in the products and services we offer to brands, retailers and their industry partners.

2015 Sustainability Report

DyStar has laid down strong foundations over the past decade by focusing on the essentials. The numbers speak for themselves – our teams have covered much ground in establishing safe and ethical conduct among our business units; creating responsible products and solutions across the value chain; and improving resource efficiency throughout our production sites. Now that we have put the house in order, it is time to set our sights further afield and see the bigger picture. How do we incorporate sustainable principles into our day-to-day business activities? Are we ready to begin quantifying Scope 3 emissions? Can our social initiatives be broadened to address issues that are pertinent to the industry? These are just some of the questions we are starting to ask ourselves as this program matures.