Clear Amber Liquid

Freedom SCO-50 Sulfated Castor Oil is low foaming, biodegradable anionic surface active agent and lubricant which provides effective dispersing and emulsifying performance for oil, waxes, fats, dyes and pigments.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance ClearAmber Liquid
Water % 50
pH 8.0 (5% solution)
Ionic Nature Anionic
Activity 50 – 55%
Density 8.6 lbs/gal
Solubility Forms a clear solution (30% Solution)
Viscosity 200C =~18cps.
Application Group Application Description
Household Care Household Cleaners Biodegradable detergent and dispersant for all purpose cleaners.
Industrial Intermediates Industrial Cleaning Products Biodegradable surfactant for general purpose janitorial products.
Textile & Leather Textile Dyeing Useful as a dyebath dispersant and lubricant.
Other Sulfated oils

Other Sulfated oils

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