Remazol Scarlet RGB


Remazol Scarlet RGB is an extension in color space of Remazol RGB/Ultra RGB to bright and brilliant scarlet shades

It is the ideal basis in the application area of so-called ‘Marlboro’ or ‘Coca-Cola’ red shades. The new dye is very economical and extremely bright. It provides fit-for-purpose fastness properties. The light fastness restricts the dye from medium to dark shades.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Economic Scarlet for strong red shades in combination with Remazol dyes[insert graph]
  • Special combination partners to achieve most brilliant shades are Remazol Orange RR, Remazol Red RGB or Remazol Ultra Red RGB
  • High colour yield and excellent build up
  • Comparable shade to Levafix Scarlet E-2GA
  • Fit-for-purpose fastness profile
  • Dischargeable for colour prints (not white dischargeable)
  • Suitable for exhaust, continuous and CPB application
  • Low neutral substantivity 
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