Foam Blast® E37

Free Flowing Powder

FOAM BLAST E37 is a highly effective defoamer in powdered form for easy addition by dry blending with components of dry-mix compositions. When water is added, FOAM BLAST E37 effectively releases air and improves the physical properties of polymer-based cements and mortars. FOAM BLAST E37 is recommended for all cementitious compounds based on acrylic, polyacrylic copolymers, and vinyl acetate/ethylene.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Density @ (lb/ft3) 30 – 33
Flash Point (°C) (PMCC ) 152
Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Construction Silicone free, readily dispersible powder foam control agent.
Construction Concrete/Masonry Coatings Silicone free powder defoamer for dry mixes.
Construction Construction-Grouts, Mortars Silicone free powder defoamer for dry mixes.
Other Industrial Foam Control Agents - Silicone Compound

Other Industrial Foam Control – Powder

FOAM BLAST® 390MSilicone and mineral oil free powder foam control agent.
FOAM BLAST E37Highly effective powered foam control agent.
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