Free Flowing Powder

Foam Blast E37 is a highly effective defoamer in powdered form for easy addition by dry blending with components of dry-mix compositions. When water is added, Foam Blast E37 effectively releases air and improves the physical properties of polymer-based cements and mortars. Foam Blast E37 is recommended for all cementitious compounds based on acrylic, polyacrylic copolymers, and vinyl acetate/ethylene.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Density @ (lb/ft3) 30 – 33
Flash Point (°C) (PMCC ) 152
Application Group Application Description
Adhesives Construction Silicone free, readily dispersible powder foam control agent.
Construction Concrete/Masonry Coatings Silicone free powder defoamer for dry mixes.
Construction Construction-Grouts, Mortars Silicone free powder defoamer for dry mixes.
Other Industrial Foam Control - Powder

Industrial Foam Control – Powder

Foam Blast® E37Go-to product for gypsum drywall muds. Excellent workhorse powder defoamer, designed for broad use in dry systems such as modified portland cement mortars, grout, and caulk, EIFS coatings, and powdered adhesives and glues.
Foam Blast® E39Designed for increased dispersion and spread rate. Proven performance in stucco and plasters.