Milky, Off-White Liquid

Foam Blast 552 is a concentrated emulsion of advanced hydrophobes that control foam in most metalworking lubricants. Foam Blast 552 disperses readily into metalworking fluids for easy incorporation. Foam Blast 552 is extremely efficient at controlling foam in water-based hydraulics, soluble oil, and semi-synthetic fluids.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Milky, Off White Liquid
Viscosity (mPa-s) @ 25°C 3000 – 5000
Density @ (kg/L) 25°C 1.00
Application Group Application Description
Industrial Intermediates Metalworking Fluids Organically modified silicone based foam control agent that has shown good compatibility in most semisynthetic and soluble oil metalworking concentrates.
Other Industrial Foam Control - Organically Modified Silicones

Industrial Foam Control – Organically Modified Silicones

Foam Blast® 29555% active emulsion designed for excellent clarity and compatibility. Developed for use as a foam control agent for aqueous systems such as printing fountain solutions, aqueous resins, and surfactant systems. Does not create haze and does not separate and form a ring or surface layer.
Foam Blast® 55250% active emulsion designed for quick and long term foam control in metalworking fluids, water-based hydraulics, soluble oil and semi-synthetic fluids. Good compatibility in most semi-synthetic and soluble oil metalworking concentrates.
Foam Blast® 55430% active, cost effective emulsion designed for quick and long term foam control in metalworking lubricants, water-based hydraulics, synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids and heavy duty detergents. For coatings, controls foam both in pigment grind and in the let-down. Can be pre-diluted with a solvent or a component of the coating for each of incorporation.
Foam Blast® 420135% active emulsion workhorse with minimal impact on gloss or clarity. Compatible with most organic water-based systems and stable under high shear. Suited for liquids that contain suspended particles such as pigment grinds for water-based inks, coatings and paints. Ages well in inks and coatings, maintaining its effectiveness over a long period of time.
Foam Blast® 4205100% active workhorse for semi-gloss and high gloss formulations. Works well at both grind and let down to control micro-foam and macro-foam. Provides leveling effects for high film smoothness and recovery after foam tap testing.