DyStar’s Inaugural CEO Award for Sustainability

DyStar’s Inaugural CEO Award for Sustainability

Singapore – June 3, 2013 – Sustainability at DyStar is driven by the integration of sustainable practices into its daily operations and value chain.

An annual award scheme linked to its Company-wide Sustainability Program, “Caring for the Future”, was introduced in 2011 to motivate all production site and offices to uphold this core brand value.

Today we are announcing that the inaugural winners of the annual CEO “Caring for the Future” Award are:

  • Wuxi Production Site, which executed the best sustainable production practices while continuing to deliver high value products; and
  • DyStar China’s sales offices and laboratory, which implemented several programs that have reduced their consumption of electricity and water, on a continuing basis.

Several factors were considered when determining the best performing Production Site and Office for the 2012 Award: Leadership, Teamwork, Communication, Capacity Building, Motivation, and integration of sustainable production practices into daily operations.  The Award recipients announced today have implemented specific initiatives in four critical areas for DyStar namely water, energy, waste and CO2 emissions, and have achieved reduction targets that are aligned with DyStar’s overall 20% reduction target by 2020.

Dr Charu Jain, DyStar’s Global Sustainability Manager, comments “Our globally coordinated approach to sustainability management and the many local initiatives at the site level will contribute significantly to reducing the overall impact of DyStar Group. We were delighted with the engagement of the sites in the Award scheme and the quality of the winning entries”


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