DyStar® and Arvind Limited Denim Division in a Strategic Co-operation

DyStar® and Arvind Limited Denim Division in a Strategic Co-operation

Ahmedabad, India June 25, 2013 – DyStar Group and Arvind Limited have committed to an exciting joint development in the field of denim.

This agreement, which was signed on June 21, 2013, between Mr. Harry Dobrowolski, DyStar’s CEO and Mr. Sanjay Lalbhai, Chairman and Managing Director of Arvind Ltd, promises a comprehensive cooperation.

Moving forward, DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution will be used at all Arvind Denim Manufacturing facilities. Dedicated teams from DyStar and Arvind Limited Denim Division will work closely together to implement new technologies in indigo dyeing and finishing as well as develop new products, processes and effects for denim fabrics and garments.



At Arvind, business units span across the entire textile and apparel value chain: From growing Organic Cotton, through spinning, weaving, processing and finally manufacturing and retailing its own repertoire of diverse brands. Arvind is recognized for maintaining global standard in eco-friendly manufacturing at every stage across the entire lifecycle of its products.The late 1980’s saw Arvind pioneer the manufacturing of Denim in India. Today with an Installed capacity of over 110 million meters per annum, Arvind is one of the largest producers of Denim worldwide.

Design Innovation and Sustainability have been the core competency of Arvind and have played a key role in its success. The use of sophisticated ultramodern technology under the guidance of world renowned designers has enabled Arvind to deliver many firsts in the Global Market. Products are designed and modeled on the expert design inputs from its Designer’s of India, Japan, Italy and the United States. All Arvind Denim Products come with the hallmark of distinctiveness, quality and sustainability.


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Global Marketing Communications
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