SUP-R-CONC® L Aqueous Concentrated Dispersions

High strength aqueous pigment dispersions for in-plant tinting of Industrial and Architectural Coatings. Sup-R-Conc L aqueous dispersions have high pigment concentrations and are designed to be easy to use, free flowing, viscosity stable pigment concentrates. They are tightly controlled for consistent color characteristics when added by weight.
ProductColor Index NameProduct CodeMT 1:00TT 1:01TT 1:20
SUP-R-C0NC® L Toluidine Red BSR-36C41L102
SUP-R-CONC L Dinitraniline/DNA OrangeO-56C41L110
SUP-R-CONC L Permanent Yellow X-48Y-746C41L201
SUP-R-CONC L Phthalo Green BSG-76C41L401
SUP-R-CONC L Toluidine Red YSR-36C41L100