DyStar opens Texanlab in Bangladesh on 14 February 2019

DyStar opens Texanlab in Bangladesh on 14 February 2019

Bangladesh – February 2019 – DyStar has opened its new testing laboratory ‘Texanlab Bangladesh Private Limited’ near Gulshan Aarong, Dhaka on 14 February. This textile laboratory would be the first of its kind to serve the export industry with more than “just testing” services – it will also provide end-to-end solutions in the supply chain, from raw materials to final products.

Since 1984, Texanlab is one of the oldest independent third party textile testing institutes in Asia. It offers an impressive catalogue of testing facilities for textiles, dyes & auxiliaries, leather & footwears, toys, food and water where tests can be conducted to all major international standards. Texanlab closely works with more than 50 global brands and retailers and has tested more than 350,000 RSL parameters since its inception. With the new lab, the whole team will undoubtedly support the industry to further reduce harmful chemicals and create a greener and cleaner environment.

With opening of world-class testing laboratory at Dhaka, Bangladesh, Texanlab brings reliable testing to your doorsteps and bridging the gap of third-party independent testing facilities market. With a proven track record of reliable results, Texanlab is committed to bring fast and cost-effective test results to your doorsteps in shorter lead time. The facilities for testing not only your textile products but also dyes and auxiliaries would be provided to help you ensure eco-compliance for you and your customer’s requirements at your doorsteps in South Asia. Testing facilities for areas like Organic Textiles (as per GOTS standards), ZDHC MRSL Level 1 accepted testing, CPSIA, EU regulations REACH, and Restricted substances list would be covered along with your regular needs of testing on textiles.

Eric Hopmann, CEO & Head of Global Sales & Marketing, DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd. Said, “Texanlab is testing fabrics and garments for retailers. And we have a lot of expertise with DyStar and Texanlab, we are expanding this expertise in Bangladesh, why? Because Bangladesh is growing. It is a key country for garments, textile exports and you need to meet all the standards of the retailers. Which also make things more complicated. As every retailer has got different standards. But Texanlab has the expertise, to know what to do, how to test, and gives confidence to the retailers. So it’s a different investment.”

We have Texanlab in India and Bangladesh. And we would be looking to set up Texanlab in Turkey, Vietnam, maybe in Pakistan. Because these are key countries for the textile industry. Also, we have a further future plan to set up more labs in the region. Eric Hopmann, CEO & Head of Global Sales & Marketing, DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd.

In the inauguration program, distinguished figures from the industry as well as the top leaders of DyStar were present. Among them Engr. Md. Shafiqur Rahman, President of ITET; Professor Engr. Mashud Ahmed, VC, BUTEX; Eric Hopmann, CEO, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, DyStar Group; Majaharul Islam Sumon, Manager (Bangladesh) DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd; Ridha Najar, Country Manager Bangladesh, DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH, and Jayant Khera, Vice President South Asia, DyStar India Private Ltd & Vinod Kumar, General Manager Texanlab India and Bangladesh were present.

Texanlab is a service company of DyStar Group and collaborates along with other group companies like STS (Sustainable Textile Solutions) and CSI (Colour Solutions International)

Courtesy of Textile Today, 18 Feb 2019.