New Levafix ECO Black

Levafix Eco Black

New Levafix ECO Black

DyStar announces the launch of its new Levafix ECO Black which is completely free of p-chloroaniline (PCA) and other regulatory-controlled amines. A complete and advanced novelty in the industry.

As it is based on new chemistry it is free of PCA and does not contain any of the commonly used commodity reactive black dyes. This new dye is compliant with all Restricted Substance Lists (RSL). It is also free of heavy metals.

Levafix ECO Black is a neutral black shade with a superior level of color constancy between daylight and artificial light sources. Due to its novel chemistry higher wet and light fastness properties can be achieved compared to conventional reactive black dyes:

• Very good fastness to simulated multiple wash (ISO 105 C09, AATCC190, M&S C10A) leading to reduced wash-down and shade change problems for end-users.

• The ISO 105 C06 C2S (60°C with perborate) wash fastness is superior to conventional reactive Black types.

• Levafix ECO Black also gives excellent results in the demanding adidas wash fastness test at 40°C.

• Light (ISO 105 B02 Xenon) and perspiration-light fastness (ISO 105-B07 [former Nike PLF test]) are superior.

• The fastness profile is completed by good results in the chlorinated water fastness test (ISO 105 E03 – 20 ppm active chlorine)

• There is low or on-tone staining of adjacent fibres in the dye-bath (no brown staining of polyamide, unlike many reactive Black dyes).

These superior oxidative wash and light fastness properties lead to a more sustainable textile end-product due to better retention of the original shade.

With this novelty DyStar provides another innovation to the textile industry to achieve best quality with minimal environmental impact. DyStar will continue to develop further Levafix dyes with similar outstanding ECO and performance properties in coming months to offer a complete range to its customers.

* Color fastness to laundering — Oxidative bleach response using a non-phosphate detergent incorporating a low temperature bleach activator)