New Digital Printing Innovation presented by DyStar® and ZIMMER AUSTRIA

New Digital Printing Innovation presented by DyStar® and ZIMMER AUSTRIA

DyStar and Zimmer Austria presented the most recent innovations in the digital printing market at ITMA Milan.

The digital printing market has developed a great deal since the last ITMA in 2011. Innovations in the digital printer and printhead technology drove the transformation into an upscale industrial digital printing production.

New inks must meet these new requirements. They need tighter drop forming performance, longer open time, improved stress resistance, higher color strength, improved robustness and, of course, reliable eco performance and high fastness properties.

In response to the new industry standards, DyStar launched Jettex® 4.0 – the highest performing digital textile printing inks. The Jettex 4.0 ink ranges are available for all state-of-the-art and newly introduced printheads.

Reactive, Acid, Disperse and Sublimation Inks

DyStar´s new ranges of market leading, ultra-intense inks show improved longer life time and user friendly open time for the printheads, with excellent robustness in processing. They also meet the most stringent ecological and fastness requirements.

All newly launched Jettex Black inks exceed current limits and are setting new industry benchmarks towards deepest blacks.

New Vat Inks

Thus far none of the digital printing systems could fulfill the very high fastness requirements on inks in the home textile segment e.g. the very high fastness to light (especially in pale shades), high fastness to multiple washing and fastness to rubbing.

Based on their Indanthren® Vat dyes, DyStar developed Jettex Vat inks, the first industrialized vat inks on the market. Their high performance characteristics include:

  • High fastness to light, even in pale shades
  • High fastness to multiple washing
  • No crease markings like pigment prints
  • Good fastness to rubbing
  • Real, dark blacks compared to pigment prints
  • Vivid, brilliant shades
  • Excellent handle and drape of fabrics

The new Jettex Vat inks are the fit for the home textile market. The CMYK color set is already available and DyStar will launch more shades in 2016 to offer a complete range to industries with high performance requirements.



ZIMMER AUSTRIA and DyStar have been partnering for many years in developing inkjet technology. This cooperation is also the base of the VAT inkjet printing technology used in Colaris³.

VAT inks are highly pigmented inks and to allow a reliable inkjet operation it has turned out that only circulating printheads can be used. Zimmer’s Colaris³ is based on the Fuji Dimatix Starfire technology which is one of the most robust and reliable printheads on the market using a circulation system.

Fixation of VAT inks can be done in a 1 phase or 2 phase system. Right now ZIMMER AUSTRIA and DyStar are developing the optimized fixation system for VAT inks. The plan is to offer a workable system within 2016 which can change the inkjet printing industry for the home textile, work wear and military market.

Colaris³ is the high performance inkjet printer for industrial print applications ranging from fashion over home textiles, polyester fleece products to carpet. ChromoJET digital inline application of pre-treatments, Colaris³ with medium or large droplets and the SupraPRESS penetration unit have opened up complete new applications in printing terry towels, fleece, needlepunch products and carpets.  Print results and penetration levels and production speed are outstanding in the industry.

For fashion printers Zimmer offers Colaris Infinity based on SPT 1024 print heads with 7 pl droplets.
This printer with 4, 6 or 8 colors and 2 or 4 printheads per color delivers up to 300 m2/h at 360 * 720 dpi resolution in 1.8 m print width. The price is very competitive for such a high quality industrial printer.

To be prepared for the digital future ZIMMER AUSTRIA will open up in May 2016 a new technology center in Kufstein/Austria. The 2000 m² building will host all kind of digital print and process technologies for the textile and carpet industry. The goal is to bring customers to Kufstein for evaluation of the best technology and for training.


DYSTAR® GROUP is a solution provider, offering customers across the globe a complete range of colorants, auxiliaries and services. The DyStar Group has offices, competence centers, agencies and production plants in over 50 countries to ensure the availability of expertise in all important markets. With a heritage of more than a century of product development and innovation for the textile and leather industry, DyStar has also developed into new markets and now in addition serves the paper, plastic and many other specialty chemical industries.

DyStar’s service division assists Brands & Retailers and their Industry Partners from their first inspiration throughout the entire supply chain to ensure that they meet stringent quality and ecological specifications, reduce costs and shorten lead times. The service division offers state of the art color communication through CSI, textile and ecology testing through Texanlab, ecology and environmental advice, supply chain auditing and consulting for RSL compliant sustainable processes through Sustainable Textile Solutions programs.

The DyStar econfidence® program provides assurance that recommended products comply with legal, voluntary and Brand & Retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements. econfidence also provides assurance that our products are in compliance with chemical and environmental legislation in each market in which they are sold.

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