Our History

Building on a heritage of more than 150 years of experience of textile dyes, DyStar now offers customers a full range of dyes, auxiliaries and services. Our diversity, creativity and innovative strength are the cornerstones of our success and will ensure we remain a reliable partner for our customers in the future.

DyStar, founded in 1995, started as a joint venture company comprised of Hoechst AG, Bayer Textile Dyes, and Mitsubishi. Adding to the family, DyStar integrated the textile dye businesses from BASF including ICI/Zeneca Dyes and Mitsui into the company, establishing DyStar as a coloration specialist.

In 2002, DyStar acquired Color Solutions, which became the first of many services DyStar offered to its customers. Following Color Solutions were Yorkshire Americas and the launch of the Econfidence program in 2004, the acquisitions of the Rotta and Boehme Groups in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and the addition of Texanlab in 2007.

In 2010, influenced by the great need to evaluate and improve the industry’s impact on the environment, DyStar embarked on a journey to sustainability and released its first Sustainability and Carbon Footprint report in 2011. Aiming for greater heights in sustainability, DyStar founded the Sustainable Textile Solution division, designed to assist brands, retailers and their industry partners with supply chain auditing and to recommend sustainable solutions for improvement.

The history of DyStar establishes the company not only as a coloration specialist, but one of the foremost textile solution providers and sustainability leaders in the textile industry.