DyStar’s Continued Commitment to the Protection of its Global Intellectual Property Portfolio

DyStar’s Continued Commitment to the Protection of its Global Intellectual Property Portfolio

Singapore – 16 July 2021 DyStar, a leading specialty chemical company with a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation is pleased to announce our continued commitment to the protection of our global intellectual property portfolio.

As an innovative global chemical organisation, DyStar’s intellectual property portfolio is an important part of our DNA. To date, our innovation encompasses more than 1,000 patents, trademarks and patent applications worldwide. We take pride and recognise that this will enable us to continually protect and enhance the organisation’s ability to invest in delivering sustainable innovative products and solutions for the global supply chain.

Eric Hopmann, Chief Executive Officer of DyStar Group explains: “As DyStar continues to focus on managing challenges of the rapid global business recovery and exploring exciting growth opportunities across the emerging markets, our team needs to stay vigilant and vigorously protect our global intellectual property portfolio. This has again been demonstrated in a recent incident, where DyStar had to charge three former employees who had neglected to protect DyStar’s intellectual property, and were also under suspicion of having shared DyStar’s proprietary information with the competition.”

Globally, DyStar offers an ethical work environment with diverse workplace culture supported by a strong foundation of trust and confidence between our employees and multiple stakeholders. This has set a good fundamental towards protecting our global assets on the whole, which will also contribute to our continued success as a leading global brand.

Our publicly available documents on our Code of Conduct and privacy statements, further highlights DyStar’s determination to pursue and investigate potential breaches or infringements of our intellectual property portfolio, including innovations, trade secrets and unauthorised distribution of any confidential materials to anyone or any party whether for commercial or for personal benefit.

For anyone who has information about a potential infringement of DyStar’s intellectual property portfolio, please reach out to our compliance desk at compliance@dystar.com.