DyStar offering new patented solutions at Interdye & Printing Eurasia 2014

DyStar offering new patented solutions at Interdye & Printing Eurasia 2014

Istanbul, Turkey – May 29 2014 – DyStar is a leading provider of dyes, chemicals, effects and services for the textile industry. A firm believer in focusing on research and development to uncover sustainable solutions, DyStar will be showcasing products based on patented new chemistry at the Interdye & Printing Eurasia 2014 held in Istanbul’s Expo Center on June 5-7, 2014.

DyStar will be launching Remazol® SAM, a new range of Reactive dyes for pale to deep shades, which provides a high color yield and build-up, high fixation yield and good fastness levels.

A Quantum Leap in the Dyeing of Wool Black

In response to increasing ecological pressure on Mordant Black dyes for wool, DyStar is now launching the new patented Realan Black MF-PV, which provides a completely metal free dyeing process. Realan Black MF-PV provides the highest wet processing fastnesses, even higher than Mordant Black 9 types and far superior to Reactive Black 5 types for wool black.

Shade and metamerism are identical to CI Mordant Black 9 types (e. g. Black PV types) with excellent build-up. Fibre coverage of Realan Black MF-PV is by far superior to CI Reactive Black 5 types and even exceeds Black PV types. Realan Black MF-PV is APEO and AOX free, in full compliance with Oeko Tex Standard 100 and meets all relevant Restricted Substance Lists (RSL).

Visitors can also expect to learn more about the latest range of Dianix XF2 dyes. These five new dyes have been designed to offer excellent wet fastness performance on critical fabrics. DyStar also launched several new products for cellulosic: Remazol Onyx RGB, Remazol Midnight Black RGB, Remazol Ultra Crimson RGB 150% and Remazol Ultra Rubine RGB. In the Vat dye range, Indanthren® Navy SR-N Colloisol, a newly patented and high performing navy blue was recently introduced to the market too.  As for polyamide apparel exhaust dyeing and continuous polyamide carpet dyeing, the new Telon Red M-CP closes a critical gap in the Telon range.

DyStar will also be showcasing Lava Cell NSB, a new cold, neutral bio-polish enzyme, which gives a superior bio-polish performance at cold temperatures of 30-40 °C.

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