DyStar Launches Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing

Germany, 23 May 2023 – DyStar, a leading specialty chemical company with a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation is proud to announce its latest innovation, Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing.

The launch of DyStar’s Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing aims to reduce water usage by up to 90% and energy consumption by up to 30% during the production process. The new DyStar’s Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing is applicable in the Indigo traditional dyeing process, for Sulphur dyes, and colored Denim. The technique of sustainable indigo dyeing has already been proven to reduce substantially the effluent load in Denim production.

Mr Naceur Azraq, Global Technical Manager of DyStar Denim said, “At DyStar, we are constantly innovating through our research and development. The introduction of an advanced sustainable indigo dyeing technology will help the Denim industry to save valuable natural resources.”

DyStar’s eco-friendly indigo dyeing process is recognized for helping customers deliver better consistency in quality while achieving less wastewater treatment in the effluent. DyStar’s products further support customers in their sustainability journey towards a cleaner and more cost-effective production environment while quality is not compromised.

To learn more about DyStar’s Eco-Advanced Indigo Dyeing, please contact marketing.denim@dystar.com

For further information, please contact your local representative.

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Global Denim Team
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Adrian Ho
Global Communications
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About DyStar Indigo

DyStar Indigo is backed by a legacy of 125 years of Technical Development and Inspiration. The core product is the state-of-the-art DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% solution which allows a cleaner indigo dyeing process and a reduction of the Sodium Hydrosulfite usage by 60% to 70% or even to zero. As an innovative solution provider, DyStar offers a wide range of high-quality dyes, including Auxiliaries products to help customers achieve beautiful and fashionable wash effects such as Lava® dyes for colorful denim. Customers are well supported globally by our expert team in their respective denim markets.

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