D&C RED 27 Aluminum Lake

Substrate: Alumina Hydrate

DyStar Hilton Davis is a leading producer of regulated drugs and cosmetic lakes which are used in various cosmetic products such as press powder nail lacquer, lipstick, lotion and topically applied & ingested drugs.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Colour Index No. 45410:2
Pure Color 20.0-25.0%
Substrate Alumina Hydrate
Product Code 31DA3127
Application Group Application Description
Cosmetics Colorant Colorant in pressed powder, lipstick and nail laquer.
Personal Care Colorant Colorant in lotion.
Pharmaceutical & Medical Colorant Color in ingested drug and applied drugs.
Other D&C Regulated Lakes

Other D&C Regulated Lakes

ProductColor Index No.Pure ColorSubstrateColor
D&C RED 27 ALUMINUM LAKE45410:220.0-25.0%Alumina hydrate
D&C RED 28 ALUMINUM LAKE45410:222.0-27.0%Alumina hydrate
D&C RED 30 TALC LAKE7336030-39%Talc
D&C RED 6 BARIUM LAKE15850:250-57%Barium sulfate
D&C RED 7 CALCIUM LAKE15850:135-46%Barium sulfate-Rosin
D&C RED 7 CALCIUM LAKE15850:117-25%Barium sulfate-Rosin
D&C YELLOW 10 ALUMINUM LAKE47005:115.0-20.0%Alumina hydrate base