CSI reveals the Most Popular Color of the Year for 2013-Cobalt Blue

CSI reveals the Most Popular Color of the Year for 2013-Cobalt Blue

Charlotte, NC-USA – February 12, 2014 – Color Solutions International (CSI), a division of the DyStar Group announces Cobalt Blue as the 2013 Color of the Year!

CSI works with many major brands and retailers around the world and therefore is in a unique position to see colors that are “real time” as well as in the context of how they are used. The frequency that colors are used on palettes, how often they are requested through searches, and ultimately how many Certified Color Standards are requested can indicate the amount of product that will be created using a color.

With this information, CSI posts an update on its website and blog every month defining the Top Colors of the Season. This is valuable information for anyone interested in trending color. At year-end, the Top Color of the Year is posted. In addition, there is data available that will allow you to review color usage in years past.

For the year of 2013, Cobalt Blue was CSI’s most popular color because just about every month’s Top 3 Selling ColorWall™ colors featured a shade of Cobalt Blue. The most requested version is depicted in the imagery below and designated by CSI ColorWall™ number 0504137. In addition, custom dyed versions of this shade were highly requested during this period for cotton, nylon, and polyester fabrics.

“Very few colors can stand alone! After all, colors live in palettes and not many things we create are made solely of one color. However, every year or in any given month, there are stand out colors that are truly the most popular; colors that everyone is searching for, colors that are a must-have or should not to be missed when selecting a color palette that follows the current trends.” –Albena Radeva, Head Trend Colorist, CSI

“At Color Solutions, we’re in a unique position to see color in real time as well as in the context it is being selected. We have the ability to monitor trends and identify patterns that our customers value during their color selection process. Although we do keep a specific company’s information confidential, we are able to track and provide month to month color usage information and make it available on our website and company blog for the benefit of all”. –Tim Williams, Marketing & Operations Manager, CSI


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