Cadira® Reactive

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What is Cadira Reactive?

Cadira Reactive is an optimized exhaust dyeing process for cellulosic fibers with Levafix® and Remazol® dyes and a special wash-off process using high-performance Sera® Fast C-RD

Why Cadira Reactive?

Higher fixation yield

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced wastewater pollution

Optimized dyeing process

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced energy consumption

Special wash-off process

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption

Cadira Reactive reduces the carbon footprint of the reactive dyeing process

Cost Comparison Cadira Reactive vs conventional reactive dyeing (example for a 1000 kg batch in LR 5:1 Jet dyeing)

Electricity usage compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Steam usage compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Water / Wastewater usage compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Process time compared to conventional reactive dyeing0%

Recommended Dyes

Remazol® Dyes

  • Remazol Yellow RR
  • Remazol Red RR
  • Remazol Blue RR
  • Remazol Yellow SAM
  • Remazol Red SAM
  • Remazol Blue SAM
  • Remazol Grey SAM
  • Remazol Gold SAM
  • Remazol Deep Yellow SAM
  • Remazol Deep Orange SAM
  • Remazol Red Brown SAM
  • Remazol Brilliant Red SAM
  • Remazol Pacific SAM
  • Remazol Space SAM 01
  • Remazol Golden Yellow RGB
  • Remazol Ultra Yellow RGBN
  • Remazol Ultra Orange RGB
  • Remazol Ultra Carmine RGB
  • Remazol Ultra Red RGB
  • Remazol Navy RGB 150%
  • Remazol Brilliant Blue BB 133%
  • Remazol Red RB 133%
  • Remazol Brilliant Violet 5R
  • Remazol Black B 133%

Levafix® Dyes

  • Levafix Brilliant Yellow CA
  • Levafix Yellow CA
  • Levafix Amber CA
  • Levafix Amber CA-N
  • Levafix Orange CA
  • Levafix Brilliant Red CA
  • Levafix Fast Red CA
  • Levafix Red CA
  • Levafix Red CA-N
  • Levafix Rubine CA
  • Levafix Olive CA 100
  • Levafix Blue CA
  • Levafix Dark Blue CA
  • Levafix Navy CA

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