Indanthren Green CLF Coll

The unique new basis for high fast green shades

With our new Indanthren Green CLF Coll, we can now offer the unique basis for high fastness green shades with upgraded quality. Many more things are possible now

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Very good build up performance
  • Excellent fastness properties
    • Top fastness to chlorine
    • High fastness to light and weathering
    • High fastness to rubbing
    • The highest fastness to benzoyl peroxide
  • IR performance
    • Similar to chlorophyll, therefore an ideal basis for camouflage
  • Suitable for:
    • Continuous dyeing with Sera Gal M-IP
    • Exhaust dyeing with Sera Sperse C-SN
    • 2-phase printing with Sera Print M-CAM
  • Outstanding reproducibility
    • Major part of green is no longer based on blue and yellow
  • Level (solid) and unique shade on PA/Cotton
    • Vat Blue and Vat Yellow dyes mixes for pale to dark Green shades show “salt and pepper effect” (blue and yellow spots)
  • Indanthren finish quality with optimized particle size for best migration properties
  • Meets the highest ecological standards


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