Masil® EM 10000C

White, Milky Liquid

MASIL EM 10000 polydimethylsiloxane fluid emulsion is solvent free, easy to use, dilution stable, and effective at low concentrations. It is chemically inert and does not cause discoloration during manufacturing processes. MASIL EM 10000 provides release, gloss, wetting, softening and lubrication in a variety of release aid, cleaning, polish and lubricant applications.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Silicone Content (%) 60
Odor Bland
Solids (% at 105°C for 1.5hr) 62.0 – 66.0
Viscosity 10000
Shelf Life (Mos) 6
Flash Point > 300
Specific Gravity 0.99
pH 5.5 -7.5
Volatiles 35
Solubility in Water Dispersable
Cetrifuge Stability (30 min.) Pass
Appearance White, Milky Liquid
Application Group Application Description
Household Care Household Cleaners Used in leather, glass and vinyl cleaners; Provides wetting and softening.
Industrial Intermediates Mold Release Provides release and lubrication.
Paints & Coatings Polish Used in auto polishes; Provides wetting and gloss.
Personal Care Hair Care Provides shine.
Textile & Leather Textile Softener Provides wetting and softening.
Other Silicone Emulsions

Other Silicone Emulsions

Masil® Ultra SL10000-VOC, water-based, slip mar additive with extensive regulatory approvals.Milky, off-white liquid0.99 - 1.01 at 25°C 30
Masil EM 1000Polydimethylsiloxane fluid (1000 cSt) emulsion.White, milky liquid1000
Masil EM 10000CPolydimethylsiloxane fluid (10000 cSt) emulsion.White, milky liquid10000
Masil EM 350XCPolydimethylsiloxane fluid (350 cSt) emulsion.White, milky liquid
Masil EM 82-102Multifunctional reactive siloxane emulsion.White, milky liquid1.01 (8.43)75
No Stik 843Multifunctional silicone emulsion.White, milky liquid1.01 (8.43)75
SILMERA PR-27Polydimethylsiloxane emulsion.White, milky liquid0.97 (8.1)1850