Masil® SF MH

Clear colorless liquid

MASIL SF MH Methyl Hydrogen Fluid is a clear, water white, odorless fluid with low toxicity. MASIL SF MH contains a hydrogen group on each silicon atom, allowing the fluid to be chemically reactive with hydroxyl groups and unsaturated organic compounds. MASIL SF MH provides water resistance for resins, paper, textile, leather and mineral treatment applications.

Product Details

Attribute Value
Typical Properties
Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Silicone Content (%) 100
Viscosity 20.0 – 40.0
Shelf Life (Mos) 24
Flash Point (F, PMCC) 150
Specific Gravity (25C) 0.990 – 1.010
Refractive Index 1.3950 – 1.3976
Volatiles (% Vol) <5.0
Application Group Application Description
Composites Composites – other Highly recommended, Provides water resistance in Composites.
Paper Specialty Paper Provides water resistance in Specialty Paper.
Textile & Leather Leather Coatings Provides water resistance in Leather.
Textile & Leather MedicalFabric – Nonwovens Provides water resistance in Nonwovens.
Other Reactive Fluids

Other Reactive Fluids

Masil® SF 201Vinyl terminated silicone (1000 cSt)850 - 1,150Clear colorless liquid
Masil SF 202Vinyl terminated silicone (200 cSt)180 - 250Clear colorless liquid
Masil SF 305Hydride terminated silicone385 - 550Clear liquid
Masil SF MHMethylhydrogen siloxane homopolymer20.0 - 40.0Clear colorless liquid
Masil SFR20000PCHydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane (20000 cSt)18,000 - 22,000Clear liquid
Masil SFR2000PCHydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane (2000 cSt)1,800 - 2,200Clear liquid
Masil SFR3500Hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane (3500 cSt)3,150 - 3,850Clear liquid
Masil SFR750Hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane (750 cSt)675 - 825Clear liquid
Masil XL 1 CrosslinkerMethylhydrogen dimethylsiloxane25.0 - 50.0Clear liquid
Masil SFR70Hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane (70 cSt)75Clear liquid